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Great Family


I am so blessed to have a family that is so layed back and doesn’t care what we do and if we stay home because of rising gas prices.  We enjoy just hanging out in the house and doing our own thing, but generallyin the same room.  My hubby is an artist so he sits beside me while I am srapping and does his art work and my wonderful son is on his laptop either looking up music or helping me with my blog along with his own.  I am truly blessed!  NancyBest recent family photo I have.

3 thoughts on “Great Family

  1. I am fellow member from the great site of StampTV “StampinSher” is me! It is so nice to hear how much your son means to you and your husband. We know how you feel and how special your son is to you because we have the best son too! It is just wonderful that your son loves you just as much – family is everything (great picture). Enjoy. And to your son, I’m proud of you too for keeping up your grades. I wish you much success in this world today and the future!
    Gosh, one more thing, sorry! Your creations are beautiful and I love your sister’s scrap book! Don’t worry about the photographs they show your great work. Keep it up!

    • Sheri, That has to be the nicest comment I have ever received from anyone on the web! Thanks so much for taking the time to do that for me, you made my day!
      My son and I are so close and it sounds like you feel just like I do about yours.

      Have a wonderful day and I would love to keep in touch!

      Scrap your heart!


    • Sheri, I am going to look you up on Stamp TV!

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