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Special Son

Special Son

The first card is a card I made for my son. My hubby and I had decided to get him a gift after school got out for the summer. We felt he was deserving of something special, because he’s an awesome kid and had overall 4.5 GPA for his Freshmen year. Anyways we got him a gold charm of a saxaphone for his necklace. (that’s what he plays) When we gave it to him it was shortly after Father’s Day, and I thought , why don’t we make today June 30th Son’s day. We just had Mom’s Day and Dad’s Day,why not Son’s Day. So we sang him a hokey song and surprised him with it. This is the card that I made him.

The inside reads: when you were born you brought us joy,
as you’ve grown you make us laugh,
now that you’re almost a man,
you make us proud!

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