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“Purse”onally what do you think?

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“Purse”onally this is the hardest and cutest card I have ever made! I stumbled across this idea at least 10 years ago from a Scrapbook magazine. I would be happy to plug the magazine if I knew what it was! Oops! Because I don’t like clutter or like having to many magazines accumulating around the house, every so often I go through each magazine page by page and rip out the ideas I want to create “someday”. Then discard the rest. This was always one of my favorites, but never felt I was talented enough to pull it off. Well, all thats changed and I am starting to gain confidence thanks to my friends over at Stamp TV.
Thank you Asela and Gina K!
Check out all the photos of this card Here.

Hope you enjoy it!


One thought on ““Purse”onally what do you think?

  1. Wow! You are one creative, talented and percocious person. You are probably pretty sharp too, in more ways that one, HUH?

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