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Our Daughter I Was going through all my recent pictures I loaded on the computer the past few days and thought this photo of our “Daughter” Muffy (or “Mussy” which seems to be her new name, thanks to my 2 year old great niece) came out really cute. The photo seems to catch her personality to a tee. She absolutely loves being outside, and on this particular day she got too close to the clay that my son was working with on the potter’s wheel. So here are two photos of “my children”.

Scrap Your Heart,


3 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Hi nancy! your little “daughter” is adorable!!! lol We have one too..she’s a dachshund/ chihuahua mix. Her name is pinky. thanks for sharing theis pic!

  2. I think you have a heart of gold and I am very blessed to have you as a sis-in-law. Thank you for visiting Courtney and bringing her sweets. You are a wonderful wife and mother and thanks for all you do for the family.

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