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Life changes in an instance.


Just a quick update to say that my family and I were in a car accident Wednesday evening and luckily after all being checked out at the hospital we should all be alright.  I have been home for the past two days suffering from neck and spine pain, but I hope that it’s just temporary.  Hubby stayed home yesterday and handled getting the rental car and our belongings form our wrecked car, and Tyler went to school even though he has a sprained neck.  He’s a trooper!  I just thank God every day, because it could have been much worse.  It was a 4 car accident and we had the most damage.  Luckily it was not our fault and it appears the guy at fault does have insurance.  It sure scared us, especially our son.  But on the same hand it’s a great lesson for him, being that he has only been driving for a short time. He really was shaken up after the initial impact.  It’s a sound he said he won’t soon forget.

Hope to be back stamping real soon!  As soon as this C collar comes off and it doesn’t hurt to look down! 😦

Scrap your heart,



2 thoughts on “Life changes in an instance.

  1. Linda, I’m so sorry to hear about your accident! I’m so glad you all are okay but, I do understand about the neck and spine pain. I was under the care of a chiropractor and massage therapist for over a year after my car accident back in 2003. The other guy was at fault and luckily he had insurance as well. If you can get the other guys insurance to pay for it, you might want to consider some form of treatment. Chiropractor or not. I hope you and your family feel better real soon!

    • Sue, Thanks so much for the note- we are getting a little better everyday and yes I have an appt. for a Chiropractor on Monday. I think it will be in my best interest to see if I can speed this recovery up. I also am going to try and go to work. I missed the end of last week and just started a new job and hate being out, but what can you do,

      Have a terrific week !

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