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I realize Christmas is over, but I was messing with my settings on my blog today to get my photos to be a appropriate size and needed to post to see if it worked.  This adorable ornament was a gift from my son to my hubby and myself this Christmas.  The cool thing about him is that Tyler bought him in London last Christmas and saved it to give to us this year.  It has become our family tradition to buy an ornament for each other, that might not sound that special to you, but it means more to us than you realize. After Christmas each one of our ornaments gets put in a special box and labeled from whom and to whom and what year it was received.   If we ever have the need to pack the house for a hurricane it is on the top of the evacuation list of things to grab!  NOT KIDDING!!

Sorry for the long post just wanted to share this tradition and hope to inspire someone else to start a family tradition too!

Enjoy the rest of your Holiday,

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  1. Hi nancy! Happy New Year my friend! I think ornament swapping is a wonderful tradition! I tried to get my family interested in it, but, my mom and sis both have too many as they said. Oh well. I hope this year is prosperous and joyful for you and your family. 🙂 BTW-you asked me if I had a light box for my photos? my boyfriend made me a “card studio”. It’s in my SCS gallery if you want a link I can send it to you. 🙂

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