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Scrap,Stamp Room…


I finally decided if I don’t take photos of my Scrap room today I am never going to do it!  It’s not completley finished, but it’s really close.  We opted not to spend the extra money and do the harwood floors I wanted, so disregard the ugly linoleum!  Also, I have a few ideas for added touches I haven’t done yet or for that matter even found, but that’ the fun of decorating don’t you think????….. while in your travels to keep finding things to add to it! If you have any questions about where I got anything let me know, but most of the important details came from no other than IKEA! I still want one of those nice carts on wheels for my paper so that I can get rid of some of the containers at my feet, but that will have to wait for awhile! (Well maybe) wink, wink!!  The coolest thing I found at IKEA is the red magnetic board that I hang my cards on!!! I love it!! My son found it and he is a genius, it was also his idea to do one white and one black table to go with my valance that I painted! Love that son of mine!! 🙂 Oh, an the letters CREATE that I made… I am happy with too, but that wall isn’t quite finished yet!

Thanks to hubby and son for helping me so much!

I love My New Space!!


2 thoughts on “Scrap,Stamp Room…

  1. Ooooh! so fun nancy!! congratulations! I can SO see you in there having a ball. 😛

  2. Nancy, your space is just awesome! thanks for sharing!

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