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Life got in the way………


Life got in the way sounds a little negative, but that is not exactly how I meant it!  It's been nearly 4 months since I last posted anything ,and to tell you the truth it seems longer!  Well, I am still here! I'm very glad to see that despite my absence I still have a few followers and some random activity! I hope now that the Marching Band Season has come to an end and my Studio is complete ( new floor looks amazing), I will have time to get back to some ME time!

So since it's still January I thought I would re-post some of my favorite cards from 2010 !

Hope you enjoy and here's hoping you will be hearing from me a little more regularly,






2 thoughts on “Life got in the way………

  1. I’m happy to read your blog again, Nancy! Glad you’re no longer MIA.
    Love these cards….

  2. Hi nancy! Firstly, I have to say I love the new blog look! Beautiful! Secondly, So glad to see you back!! I’ve missed seeing your lovely work and these are no exception. Absolutely breathtaking! I love the femininity in them and the details are so pretty! Welcome back!

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