Color my world with family, friends and some time to be creative making cards!

Spring is in the air…


What a gorgeous weekend! It’s days like today that I am so thankful that I live in the beautiful state of Florida! I was talking to some co-workers on Saturday at a garge sale and we saw a book titled ” 50 Best Places to Retire” and wouldn’t you know that almost a third of them were in Florida. We all joked and said, “Good thing we are already here because none of us could afford to move after we retire anyway.” LOL Okay, on to my cards! When I go to the trouble of picking out the most perfect paper I generally but now always make at least two cards with the same paper, but this time since I liked it so much I made three.

Enjoy! Thanks for looking and thanks for your comments it makes my day!

3 thoughts on “Spring is in the air…

  1. Oooh…I love these nancy!! so spring! and I love the new look of your blog! so beautiful 🙂

  2. Oh! I love all 3 of your cards! They are beautiful and perfect for about any occasion. I think I’ll create 3 of my own using your layouts. Super! Hmmm. Now to pick out my papers…….

  3. You are so talented. I love the cards. Love you too.
    Miss you guys alot.


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