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For the love of the game…


Happy weekend,  I have a family of 3 boys at my school who for a lack of a better word need some male guidance in there life.  They are typical boys that are involved in sports and love the game!  The only positive male influence they have is their grandpa. He unfortunately passed away last weekend.  He was the type of Grandpa that didn’t miss one of their ball games and was always there cheering them on.  So a co-worker and I got together and decided to do something nice for the boys.  These are the cards I made for them.


Here is what I put in the insides.

 I didn’t have the perfect sentiment for a 1st , 3rd and 4th grader so I typed something on the computer.

If you keep the love of Baseball in your heart, your Grandpa will always be a special part.

For the love of the game of Baseball and for Grandpa….play on!

Shoot for the stars and your Grandpa’s memory will carry on!

The paper I happen to have had and it’s from Creative Memories and is probably 12 years old.

The rest I made with scrap paper along with a SU corner punch and my circle cutter also from CM.

Another reminder to enjoy each day as a miracle!

Take care and thanks for checkin’ in!

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3 thoughts on “For the love of the game…

  1. This is such a nice thing to do for the boys and your cards are awesome. I really liked the messages you typed inside the cards.


  2. OMG…those are the coolest cards. I love them!

  3. Nancy!! These are BRILLIANT! I couldn’t have thought of anything better!

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