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April Fools…Ugliest Card!


In honor of today being April Fool’s Day I thought I would play along with

a fabulous idea I stumbled upon this morning over at The card yard!

Suzanne thought it might be fun to post the Ugliest Card We Have Ever Made.


Now mind you, I had a hard time picking out the worst one,

because there were so many contenders, but this is the

one that came to mind first!


What was I thinking??? YUCK! PUKE green!

I will be back later today (since I have the day off) 🙂 with something not so Hideous!

And if you want to see some other Ugly cards…I have linked up Suzanne’s blog HERE!

Or you may scroll down to something I posted last night that

is much more pleasing to the eye!

Until later,


10 thoughts on “April Fools…Ugliest Card!

  1. HA! I don’t think this is that ugly at all! I have seen some today [other stampers doing the same thing] now, those were ugly. I also LOVE the outdoor photo! So, that April Fool’s didn’t work with me! 🙂

  2. Nancy, you made me laugh with your ‘puke green’ comment! lol I love the green!

  3. Oh wow that is a lot of green!

  4. That’s not ugly. I love it. I know I have more uglier looking ones than that for sure.

  5. Okay, hold the phone. THAT is ugly. Well done, Nancy! This is so fun, everyone’s cards are too funny, but no one else so far has ugly puke green so top honors to you for that!!

  6. The card overall is nice, but the puke green color – I have to agree what were you thinking?

  7. Heeee! Maybe the sentiment should have said…”When green escapes…” LOL! Okay, that’s a lot of green, and a variety of shades, too…giggle! 🙂

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  9. Hi Nancy, ok…I can see why you may not love this but is that masking on top? I think that looks great! And the general layout isn’t bad…just a lot of texture at once, I guess? Thanks for playing with us!

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