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My 500th Post and Giveaway!


Yesterday was a HUGE milestone for my blog and I !

I posted my 500th post!  I still can’t believe it!

Who would have thought when I started this endeavor back

in June of 2008, I would still be here and still going strong!

If it wasn’t for all of you…. my trusty friends and followers

this would not be occurring!  I really appreciate each and everyone of you!!!

Your comments and your encouragement along the way

have given me a sense of purpose and happiness

( especially when my son left for college)

and I am truly grateful!

Here’s to 500 more!!!  

So In honor of my milestone, I thought it would be fun

to do a giveaway or Blog Candy as everyone calls it!

To keep it interesting I am going to make the

prize a secret!

I promise it will be great!  It will have a little of this and a little of that!

Why not share some of your supplies that are being neglected to someone else!

That’s my motto!


So what’s the catch or how do you enter??

It’s very simple!

Leave me a comment in my comment section with these details…

How long have you been paper crafting?

Who was your enabler/ who got you started?

And if you have a blog , how long have you been blogging?

I will post my Winner on Sept. 4th. or shortly there after!

Good Luck and thanks for celebrating with me!


41 thoughts on “My 500th Post and Giveaway!

  1. I just want to say a HUGE CONGRATS on your 500th post! Looking forward to many more!

  2. Wow what a milestone! I haven’t even reached 100 yet…lol. It is truly a pleasure coming to your blog and seeing what you have created. I have been paper crafting since May 2000. I got started by a co-worker and now a dear dear friend of mine. She is a Stampin’ Up demonstrator and I became one for a couple of years. I do have a blog and it’s been about a year since I’ve been blogging and I LOVE it. I especially love hopping around to other people’s blogs and seeing what they have made. Of course now I’m really addicted to Pinterest too. Congratulations again on this wonderful achievement Nancy!

  3. Congratulations on your 500th post. I am a big fan. started 2 years ago with Deb V.

  4. I’ve been crafting my whole life, I think my enabler would have to be my mom. She encouraged me even when I was just cutting up paper and taping it all over my room at 5, I like to think of that as an early form of bunting. She also insisted on handmade cards for every holiday and more recently insisted I start a blog. Moms are great encouragement. I’ve been blogging since May (, hopefully I will make it as long as you have! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations. I have been making cards for 3 years and my friend Wendy got my started and she is definitely an enabler:). I do not blog.

  6. Hi Nancy,
    I haven’t left a comment in a while but I get your entries by email and always read them. I so enjoy your projects and love the inspiration. I’ve been papercrafting since 2006, although I used to love crafts as a kid too. My friend Julie got me interested in rubber stamping in 2006 and we often did things together, Sadly that isn’t the case anymore. I started my blog in November of 2007. It took me a long time to decide that I really needed one. And even now blogging is not one of my favorite things to do. I find myself making all kinds of things and then putting off posting them because I just don’t know what to write. But hopefully I am getting better at that. Congrats on 500 posts! That’s quite a milestone. Thanks for the chance to win some surprise goodies!

    • Thanks so much Donna for your kind words! Blogging is a huge commitment that is for sure….and time and practice will make it come more easily….there are days I wonder why is this important to me….and then there are days like today and your very comment that reminds me why I do this! Thanks so much! 😉

  7. Congratulations! An awesome milesstone… 500 posts!
    I met my first stamp in Columbus, Indiana in 2002. My dearest friend Edith told me she wanted to take me somewhere. WHAT? Where? “you’ll see, and you will like it.” OK. She drove me to the only stamp store in the area. It was love at first site! I don’t remember the name of the shop or what I bought. I now own 5,104 stamps, and make BD, anniversary, etc. cards for family and friends, and also for Operation Write Home. I don’t have a blog, although, I. have considered it. I have been following yours, Nancy for some time now. So much inspiration! THANK YOU!

    • Hello….to one of my very FIRST followers! You have stuck with me a very long time and I am grateful!!! I CAN’T believe you have that many stamps Mary!! You must have counted them( obviously) but may I ask???? Was is just out of curiosity???

      • Hi Nancy! I am a bit behind in my email reading and responding… sorry. (:-) In answer to your question about how I know exactly how many stamps I have – here goes. When I first started stamping I realized that if I didn’t some how keep track of what stamps I have, I’d never be able to find the stamp I have when I wanted it. So, given my years spent in accounting back in the day, I started an Excel spreadsheet with columns for the type of stamp (BD, G’Wl, CHR, MD, FD, BKG, BBL, Baby, etc). There are 55 categories in all. Next column; a description of the stamp. Then the date purchased, from what stamp company, and the cost. The master is by date of purchase, and I have sorted it by the type of stamp and saved it under a different name so I can easily find the stamp I need when I need it. It has worked really well. And that is how I know how many stamps I have! Thanks for asking! Mary Dinucci

  8. Congrats on your 500th! Look how far you have come!! 🙂 I started blogging in 2010 however I have 1490 posts [really?? omg] — your still a baby 🙂 lol. My neighbor got me started by taking me to my first SU party — good times~ Thanks for the goodie chance…

    • LOL…I am still a baby…and I don’t think I could ever post as much as you do! I sure wish I could though!!! Thanks for all your support along the way…you have really helped me blossom and the successes are with your help….. and for that I am grateful Vicki!

  9. Congratulations on 500 posts. Wow! I am always ready for a give-away. Thanks so much for doing one. I started stamping the summer of 2012. Enabler? One day I decided I wanted to try stamping, and I went to Hobby Lobby to look at their stamps. I started talking to a lady, who was also looking at the stamps. She said that if I wanted to learn about stamping, I needed to go to StampTV online and watch the videos. I did just that and have been hooked ever since. So, I guess my enabler is that sweet lady I was talking to at Hobby Lobby. I started my blog in March of 2013. I hope everyone will come and visit.

    • If you only knew that ladies name…look what she started! LOL If you look back at my earlier work…it was sooooo bad…you on the other hand have been a brilliant designer and blogger since day one! Thanks for your friendship!

  10. Big congrats on your 500th post, Nancy!! I’ve been paper crafting for 14 years and it was my Mom that was my enabler. I’ve been blogging for a little over 4 years now. 🙂

  11. WOW, congrats on your 500th post. Looking forward to the next 500 and more.

  12. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Nancy posted her 500th post over at Scrapper@Heart! To celebrate she’s having a giveaway! Go celebrate with her!

  13. Congrats on your 500th. I am just getting into paper crafting. I just purchased a Silhouette Cameo and having a lot of fun with it so far. Tons of projects are swirling around in my head.

    • Vicki, Haven’t bitten the Silhouette Cameo as of yet…tempting, but I have enough toys for now I do believe. I even have toys that get ignored! Good luck with your Cameo! Thanks for commenting!

  14. A HUGE congrats on your 500th post!! Time flies by when you are blogging wink, wink. I have been blogging for four years and can’t believe it’s been that long!! Got introduced to stamping via a SU demo mom whose daughter attended the same preschool as mine. I was paper crafting for about four years before I started my blog, and think SCS was a big enabler for me as I was so inspired by so many fabulous stampers! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

    • Marisa, My next goal would be to be consistently talented as you are! I love everything you do every time you post! I wish I wasn’t so slow when I sit down to create…fast is not my forte! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  15. Wahoo for you Nancy! 500 posts is a milestone. I’m one of your email readers and like Donna I don’t always click over to give you some love. I’m sorry! You truly deserve it as all of your creations are inspiring. You are such a talented crafter!

    So let’s see, how long have I been paper crafting? To be honest, as long as I can remember. I spent hours with my grandma as a child seated at the dining room table making crafts. We were recylcers before it was chic and would take whatever we could find to transform with our creativity. Our go to was using old newspapers and magazines to make our own paper dolls and paper chains. She is by far my supreme crafting inspiration and first enabler.

    I started a personal blog in 2005 and launched my craft blog in 2009. The craft blogging world is so full of inspiration and hard working crafters. I admit I don’t get to spend as much time blogging as I would like to, or even crafting. Life seems to get in the way some times. But, I always make sure to read what you are working on! 😉

    • Thanks CAT!!! So sweet of you to say! I think you give me far to much credit…especially as of late…my mojo left when I returned to work..I hope it comes back soon! Love your story about your grandma! Love to hear families sitting down together to do things creative….there is not enough of that anymore! The kids of today are missing out! Thanks for commenting!! 🙂

  16. Hi Nancy – huge congrats and a big round of applause on your 500 posts! That’s a lot of writing, thinking, creating – and know that ever single one is ever so appreciated! I started card-making a year ago, because I wanted to send ‘real’ cards and projects to my niece and nephew, rather than email notes through my sister-in-law, because the munchkins are only 3 and 1 years old, respectively. Every month, I *celebrate* their ‘birth day’ – the 3rd for my niece and the 12th for my nephew. My initial plan was to send things for only their first year, however…this month I”ll be sending them a something special to mark Happy 42 Months Old and Happy 18 Months Old. Because I wanted what I sent to be pretty, I began to scope out sites and discovered the most amazing products, and especially, fantastic people. The rest, as we say, is history!! I still have oodles to learn and try (despite my ever-growing stash, I’m still a novice!!), but creating cards is AWESOME!! One of the highlights: whenever I visit my family, I bring along my cuttlebug, some dies and few stamps, because my niece loves, loves and loves to ‘craft’ with Aunty!! Thanks so much for your interest in our various crafting journeys. The ‘how I started’ memories are wonderful to reflect on! Oh yes, blogging begain in Feb. of this year. I’m not much of a writer (despite being a former English teacher!), but it’s fun to just ‘chat’ with whoever drops in for a visit!

    Have an excellent day – and wishes upon wishes for another 500 X 500 more posts to come!!
    c (carol)

    • Sounds like the family card making keeps you really busy! I appreciate you taking the time to comment! Would love to visit your blog if you could link it up for me! I can imagine you have become your nieces favorite aunty!!
      Thanks for your kind words I so appreciate it! Have a great day! BTW….English teacher….now I’m nervous….my writing has a lot to be desired! LOL

  17. Yippee! 500 posts is a big accomplishment. I’ve been paper crafting since 1996 when I started scrapbooking to keep a log of the mission work projects we did through the church. I did all sorts of other crafts before that. After I got my Cricut, I searched the internet for information on using it to it’s full potential and found the card making blog world. In order to enter my cards in blog challenges, I started my own blog in May of 2011. We usually go south for the winter so I have to give up this wonderful hobby for a couple of months, but I use that time to quilt instead. We will not be going this year so I will be able to do card making and scrapbooking all winter long. I am so far behind on my scrapbooks since I started making cards but I love doing them. Keep up the good work and here’s to another 500 posts.

    • I admire people who can sew Bobby…it’s not for me that is for sure! I sure admire people who can and have the patience. Hope the reason you are staying home for the winter is a happy one! Thanks for commenting and I appreciate your kind words!!!

  18. Hi, I am impressed at 500 posts – your cards are always beautifully crafted and it inspires me to keep on pushing me to try new techniques and effects – they don’t always work but its always fun to just have a go! I only started crafting after Christmas, when. Decided that its something that I enjoy to do, after making some quite simple Xmas cads. I decided that next Christmas I want to be able to give slightly more impressive Christmas cards to friends and family, and so my hobby was born 🙂 I would have to say that I got myself started, although I would also say that it has been my mums constant support, love and encouragement in everything I do in life that gave me the confidence to just give it a try and have a go. I started blogging at the same time as I started paper crafting, which is great as I enjoy tracking my journey.
    Well done,
    Katherine. X

    • Katherine, AWWW thanks for your kind words! Love when the stories I read lead back to family! Blogging is an excellent track to recapture your journey and see where your talent has gone or changed! I do enjoy it! Thanks for your kind words!!!

  19. Congrats! I have been seriously making cards since last Christmas. No one in particular got me started, I mostly get ideas from looking on blogs. I found Stampin Up about 6 months ago and have loved all of the ideas and techniques shared on blogs by many SU people!

    • Emma…Stampin Up is wonderful. When I started this adventure that I’m on it began with Creative Memories…love their stuff too…I was a consultant for about 2 years. Before cards I loved to Scrapbook…still do when I have time! Thanks again!

  20. Congratulations on you’re 500th post. You’re work is beautiful. I just started making cards a little over a year ago for family and friend and I’ve been hooked on it since. I love the accomplishments that I never thought I could actually do.

  21. It seems as though you are really enjoying blogging. Congratulations on your 500 post, it;s quite a milestone.

  22. I have been making cards for about two years. I do not have a blog

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