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Life got interrupted…


WARNING this is about LIFE …Not card/ project related and very long!

For those of you that read my blog and I am friends with on Facebook…I want to apologize to you

because you have had to endure this a time or two already.  However, I felt the need to share

my story with as many people as I could.  Spreading the word to please be more careful, cautious, and aware

of this very unsafe and not so trusting world of ours.  I am also hoping it will give me some closure.

Friday, Dec. 6th 2013  approximately 10:45 AM

My sister was coming to my house the other morning to let my dog out (due to the fact that she had acquired

a urinary tract infection and can’t hold it all day while I am at work.)  She lives one street over by the way so she is on foot.

When she gets close to my house she sees a black car backed into my driveway with the motor running.

As  she approaches the car the guy rolls down his dark tinted window.  She proceeds to ask him why he

is here, and he tells her that no one is home and that he just wanted to get some oranges from our fruit trees in the back yard.

 She tells him several times that someone is home now and that he needs to leave and shouldn’t be here.

 Later realizing, that the reason he kept repeating himself is that he was stalling.

 He finally starts to pull away as my sister proceeds to the side of my house.

 Next, she realizes that the back gate leading to my back yard is open.

 She proceeds through the gate and into my back yard and notices my window screen lying in the grass

and one of my windows is broken.  She races back around to the front of the house to see if she can see the car that

she just asked to leave moments before, in hopes to get a better look or possibly a tag.

 (You probably know where this is headed.)

Not knowing the danger that is lurking inside she goes into my house to check on my dog.

She gets to the middle of my dining room which is about 7 feet from my bedroom and

sees that Muffy seems to be unharmed and in her cage surrounded by glass directly beneath the broken window.

 She says to Muffy that she will be right back.  I couldn’t be more thankful at this instance that I no longer have

my land line phone and that she neglected to bring her phone with her that day.  What a blessing !!!

She leaves my house and proceeds to run home to get her phone to call 911, none the wiser that

moments before she was feet away from the second man hiding in my bedroom.

Moments later she returns to my house as she is talking to the police on her cell phone,

my neighbor directly across the street comes out to tell her that minutes after she left a man with a

very large and heavy pillowcase came racing across her front lawn.

( My hubby and I are still at work at this point.)

 After the police arrive and go inside the house to make sure it was clear, they

tell her how very lucky it was that she left the house as quickly as she did

because it could have ended very, very differently.  They said it was obvious

that my sister had startled him because he had left in haste leaving behind a crowbar on my bed.

My hubby and I arrive home moments later, and after speaking to the officers and

 several eye witnesses, we realize how very fortunate we really are.

I am so thankful my sister was unharmed!!!

All total we lost about $4500.00 worth of jewelry and electronics.  I have some pieces of jewelry that meant the

world to me.  My mom’s wedding band that I have worn everyday for 17 years, though regretfully

had decided to take off  Wednesday morning because I had a small rash on that finger.

A ruby and diamond necklace of hers that my father had given her that was one of a kind.

Last but certainly not least, this necklace that was a Christmas gift from my son just last year.


I think the title of this piece says it all.

As long as we have Love’s embrace…the rest really doesn’t matter!

Thanks for listening,


27 thoughts on “Life got interrupted…

  1. My heart breaks for you and the hurt you are going through. The fact that no one you loved was hurt is a blessing. I hope the police will be able to recover your things. It’s a terrible thing when you don’t feel safe in your own home. I hope that will pass with time. We all need to be more aware of our surroundings and the people around us. The world is becoming a very scary place. GOD bless you and your family. I’m always here if you need to talk. ❤

  2. God bless you! I was so afraid this was going to end differently. I’m glad no one was injured.

    Carole Bronico Home: 267-932-8237 Cell: 215-534-4084

  3. I didn’t know all the details, but I am thankful that your sister was not hurt. Will keep you in my prayers and pray the robbers get caught and you get your precious keepsakes back.

  4. So glad to hear that your sister and pet were not harmed!

  5. Nancy this is just awful! Fate does have a way of stepping up though – sure glad your sister is good. It is awful un-replaceable stuff got taken! I hate thieves!

  6. Nancy, I am so very sorry for all that happened to you, but looking to the one bright spot…your sister was not injured, which truly is a miracle. I hope you will one day get justice for this awfulness and that slowly trust might return. Blessings to you.

  7. I saw this on FB and although it is bad that you lost personal things that meant a lot to you, I am so grateful that your sister and you and your family are all okay and safe. Lives cannot be replaced. I hope that the violation and stress eventually will be lifted from you but I am sure now you are more skittery and cautious than ever before. And, thanks for warning us that this could be a reality for us too. Always to be on the alert if something strange is going on. I am hoping the crowbar left behind left a few clues as to who did this as well. Take care and try to stay positive.

  8. Just so glad you are well. Love and prayers to your whole family!

  9. Oh Nancy! Even though I was aware of the break in, I had no idea they had managed to get away with your valuables. I realize they are just “things” but, that doesn’t negate the fact they were priceless. I’m so sorry 😔
    I am grateful you both weren’t home and your sister was kept safe. But, all the same, aside from your belongings being taken is the personal toll as well. I wish I had the words to express to you my deepest regrets. Please know, I am in prayer for you and your family. I also pray that they get caught!!

    • Hi Sue! Yeah it stinks….but could have been so much worse. I don’t care to go through this ever again that is for sure! I so appreciate your kind words! HUGS!

  10. OMGOD, Nancy! I am so GLAD your sister and dog are safe and that she left the house. This just makes me so MAD! I HATE that they did this to you. Thanks for sharing so we can all be a little (a LOT) more diligent! I am sorry you lost such precious things.

    • Hey There Sue, Yes stay vigilant and be cautious that is for sure. I have a huge recommendation. Take all of your jewelry and lay it all out together and take one collective photo. It would help me a lot right about now when I have to recall every piece I owned for insurance purposes. I had way to many earrings! Thanks friend! HUGS!

  11. Hello Nancy, I am so sorry to hear and read about what happened. I couldn’t imagine how you feel and what you are going through. I am so grateful that your sister is okay too. She was brave, and didn’t even think about what could be inside…
    At these instances it makes me grateful that my hubby is so into self defense and has a concealed carry and also pushes me to have a knife in my pocket for security and also for daily needs (opening mail, packages… etc.). I’m sure things like this have gone through your mind. Please take care and I’m so glad you are OK.

  12. So sorry that this happened to you! You, Dave & Tyler are such a wonderful family, and truly deserve the best in life! Not this! As you’ve said thankfully no one was hurt! Hoping & praying that you get your special pieces back, and that you are able to rest peacefully once again! God bless you all! ❤

  13. What an awful thing to go through, Nancy. It is so sad about your mother’s jewelry but I’m glad that no one was hurt during the robbery. Hopefully the police will track them and your possessions down. I pray for peace of mind for you and your family.

  14. I am thankfully that you are all safe, including your sweet little dog! (((hugs))) Sorry about the jewelry and all that has happened, that just stinks….I hope they find these guys, maybe fingerprints on the crow bar, and ALL is returned to you! Sorry my friend! xo~

  15. What a horrible thing to have happen!! I am so sorry you and your family are going through this. Having also been the victim of a burglary (and also walking into the house while it was in progress, with my infant son in my arms!!), I know exactly what everyone is going through right now! It makes me angry that this happened to all of you, but very thankful that no one was hurt. Please take care!

    • Thanks Brenda…more and more people I talk with have had something similar. It’s nice to have others who can relate! HUGS!

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