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Congratulations Son!


Hello Friends,

A little over a Week ago my son Graduated from College and to say that I am proud

of him is a HUGE understatement!  Not only did he graduate in 3 years instead of the typical

4 he took an average of 45 credit hours a year while doing so.

He has such drive and determination!!  As I type this

he has already into week 8 of his Masters at Savannah College of Art and Design!

He says no rest for the weary!  Just keep on keeping on!  I don’t know where he came from?

 The cool part is he has done all this while maintaining a job for the

last 2 years, working 40+ hours a week, and is doing his Masters on his dime not ours!

Am I lucky or what?  

Here is a Graduation card I made for him to go along with the FSU class ring we got him!

I can’t take credit for the card Idea…all credit goes HERE!

Very happy with how it turned out.  The tie says it all, it’s my son all the way!



I cannot begin to thank Ty’s girlfriend Sandra enough for capturing such cherished moments

and doing it so well, she sure knows a thing or two about photography!  Thanks Sandra!!!!

Ty 8

Ty 1

Ty 10

Ty 2

Ty 3

Ty 5

Ty 9

Ty 7

In conclusion!

I will always need my son no matter what age I am.

My son has made me laugh, made me cry, made me proud, seen me cry,

hugged me tight, seen me fail, cheered me up, and acccepted me for who I am.

My son is a promise that I will have a FOREVER Friend!

I LOVE you TY Leppek and couldn’t possibly be more proud to call you SON!

Ty 6

Thanks for letting me share what I have been up to lately,

Now where are those gosh darn tissues?


11 thoughts on “Congratulations Son!

  1. Great card and LOVE the photos. Tearing up reading your post too. You have every right to be a very, very proud mama 🙂 You and hubby did a great job raising Ty and it is showing in spades – well done mama, well done!

  2. Beautiful card and congratulations to your handsome son too!

  3. Awesome card, and lovely tribute. You are truly blessed. Thanks for spreading the joy!

  4. Oh, how sweet. Great card and wonderful photos. You have a good reason to be proud.
    Enjoyed your post. Take care and have a wonderful week.

  5. I am crying here in the Fort Lauderdale airport! You and your dh deserve to be so PROUD! What an Amazing son! You lucked out with the gf photos! That card was the BEST! Love it!

    • Thanks for your kind words….school has started and I am running on steam…will touch base with you when I come up for air and things level off. I work for 11 teachers and they all want everything before Thursdays open house…just shoot me now!

  6. You almost got me misty-eyed Nancy! It’s amazing what your son has accomplished! Working full time, too! Many congrats to him and you and your husband. Blessings!!!!

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