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Blog Hop with a Difference


Blog Hop with a Difference

I was listed by Vicki Dutcher over at All I Do Is Stamp to continue on with the Blog Hop with a Difference.  I was thrilled when I received her message!  Thanks Vicki I feel the same way about you!  I don’t know how you keep up!  I have never seen anyone stamp as much as you do!  HUGS my friend!
 Anyway, the object is to answer a few questions so fellow bloggers get to know a little bit about me and my creative side.
What project am I working on right now?
I just got done making a very simple card for our weekly challenge over at Just Us Girls.  Next up, is a black and white card for Seize the Birthday!
How Long does it take to create a project?
Too long according to my Dear Husband…LOL.  It takes me forever to be creative.  I would say on the average….2 hours at least to make a card, that I am somewhat happy with and willing to share!  We won’t talk about the other ones. LOL
How does my creative process work?
First,  I prefer to start with a clean studio, however that is not always the case.  Then,  I usually got out in blogland and find a challenge that catches my eye!  There are so many great ones out there right now, it’s sometimes hard to narrow it down.
How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
Again, I would have to say that other crafter and stampers I follow or accidentally come across are what keeps me inspired and or interested in this wonderful hobby.
What is my signature style?  I would have to say CAS with layers.  I try so very hard to change it up now and again…but I always end up back to CAS and layered.  So jealous of others that can do it all (Like Vicki for example)!
One random fact about me!
I am 6 feet tall and despite my height I never played any sports in High School.  (One of my many major regrets.)
So now, I am to pass these questions over to 3 stampers who inspire me:  But before I do that….PLEASE NOTE that I wish I could nominate all of you!!  So many of you keep me inspired on a daily basis and I consider a lot of you, though we have never met, my dear friends!  I decided as to not hurt anyone’s feelings, to pick the 3 designers that I have followed since day one of this journey I am on.  
My first choice is Laurie Schmidlin  over at Just Give Me Stamps.  I can’t begin to elaborate on how talented this lady is!  You are just going to have to check her blog out for yourself.  Not only is she a phenomenal stamper/designer she is a sweetheart to boot.  She does all of this while raising a family of 5 beautiful children, and a farm in what I think is definitely God’s country!  You should see the photos!  I really am in awe of her creative talents and being a wonderful mom in general.  Laurie I think your tops and I check on you and your blog almost ever single day!  No, that is not stalking! LOL
For my 2nd choice is Cindy Lawrence over at the Creative Closet.  I am sure  you have seen her absolutely stunning creations in one challenge or another.  Like I said I have been keeping a close eye on her for at least 5 years now.  Not only is she a talented designer you should see her photography skills with her work!   She is the reason I just went out and bought myself a new Nikon DSLR camera.  She is such an enabler! LOL  I hope someday my photos can look just half as good as hers!  Cindy, I think your amazing!!  Thanks for inspiring me!
My 3rd choice is someone I am sure everyone knows and that is Julee Tilman from Poetic Artistry and owner of Verve Stamps and other challenge sites that go hand in hand with Verve!  I don’t even know where to start to tell you how I feel about Julee!  Verve stamps are the very first stamps I ever bought when I first got into stamping and I think the quality and versatility is hard to beat!  Also, anyone who can again raise a family (twin boys), and have a successful business, and still be so creative while doing so  is awe inspiring to me!  Julee thanks for opening my eyes to this great world of creativity and I wish you many, many more years of success!  I will be right there watching you from the side lines!  HUGS!

I will close by saying that I appreciate all of you, my followers and my friend!   Although I don’t always have the time to tell you, I appreciate your comments and your daily or weekly visits…I really, really do!!   That is what keeps me going day after day!  


Thanks for inspiring me as well!


 Find time to be creative…it’s good for the soul!   Nanc’

6 thoughts on “Blog Hop with a Difference

  1. So fun to read about your creative side and what inspires you! Kind of a fun hop I think~

  2. Always love learning more about the person behind the cards 🙂 So good to hear Verve was your first purchase! Whoot, whoot! I’m with your re: a slow creative process 😉

  3. It was great to learn more about you, Nancy, and interesting that I had visited all your inspiration people recently. I had been intrigued by one of their cards and can see why you nominated them for the hop.

  4. I enjoyed your post on various things in your life and how you keep inspired and being creative.

  5. Nancy, you are SO incredibly sweet! Thank you so much for the kind words!! It was so fun to read more about you! I, too, am very slow at creating most of the time! It’s definitely more about the process than the end result! Ha!

  6. So Great to read all about you! Just have to say YOU inspire me both with your card making and your total SWEETNESS! You are a Wonderful person, Nancy!

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