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Hoppy Easter



Hello friends,  Last weekend I had a crafting get together at my house with 9 of my Stampin friends.  We marbelized are own paper, made 3 different type of Easter cards, and enjoyed lunch together as well.  It was a great success and I can’t wait to host another get together again soon. Crafting people are truly the nicest peeps…aren’t we? Here are a few photos of my event.  My photos didn’t come out as good as I would have liked, I turned my camera onto auto but forgot to turn my lense off manual. 😦  I always take my photos of my cards on manual so I NEVER remember to do this.   You think I would learn by now, as I have had the new camera for quite sometime.  Grrrrrrrr! Anyho0, here they are!

PicMonkey CollageMy hubby is the one that taught me how to marbleize.  Basically it’s taking ink and or paint and mixing it with oxen gall bladder ( yep you read this right) which causes it to float on top of a pan of carrigean, which is a seaweed type liquid that is made in a blender with distilled water.  You then take a hair pick or stir stick and gently swirl it around till you get the effect you wanted. Then lay the paper in and gently remove right away, scrapping along the edge of the pan in hopes to get most of the liquid off. The ink and or paint sticks right to the cardstock. Alloy to dry. Being an art teacher and all, he always has such amazing ideas to do with the kids. It works well with ceramic too!  Here is a photo of a ceramic egg we marbelized years ago.  This was tricky to say the least.


The card at the top of this post is the card I made as my example for my party. Later this week I will show you the other two cards we made as well!

For the card Details I thought I would just attach the card directions I had at the work stations.

Basket Card

  • Distress all edges of the 12 crumb cake strips
  • Lay 6 of them out and tape the edges together on one side to make it easier to weave
  • Glue down edges as you weave
  • When finished adhere weaving to basket template and trim edges
  • Add more distressing at this time
  • Mold the basket with your hands so that it will adhere to card base and puff in the center
  • Tie your choice of hemp or string around the basket
  •  Adhere basket edges to the card so that it puffs out in the middle a littte bit
  • Glue in 3 out of the 4 grass pieces in various places inside basket
  • Cut out your eggs with marbelized paper and die cuts when dry
  • Arrange eggs in grass, some with pop dots and some without.
  • Take last piece of grass and cut it apart and tuck it in between the eggs as desired
  • Stamp sentiment on white cardstock and then cut out regular circle and scalloped circle from marbelized paper using dies and adhere using pop dots if desired.
  • punch out butterfuly on marbelized paper and adhere to card and draw in antennas

Here are a few of my friends cards.

PicMonkey Collage

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 7.56.19 PMNow head on over to Just Us Girls and see what the design team and Guest Designer Jen has done with the photo challenge that Cheryl chose this week, I love how it so perfectly lined up with my Basket card. Also, I want to thank Jen Mitchell for being such a wonderful Guest Designer!  

I am also linking up my card to the Mod Squad Challenge this week as well!



Take care


16 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter

  1. Loved your card and still do. I enjoyed making one. Had a wonderful time at the get together.
    Hugs, JoAnn

  2. Oh, I am so glad that you incorporated pictures of your party in your blog this week. I was thinking of you and now, I have the pictures of your friends and your projects. And the marbleizing paper was a great idea. Being both Leo’s, I quite understand why you have parties and why you want to do it again. Love you house too. You are a lucky girl to have your crafty friends close.
    The card that you all did was unique and yet, easy for them to do . Glad that you are my friend.

  3. I agree….we are! 😉 What a FUN gathering, you should just hold classes and make some crafting moolah in the process! I think we saw the same basket on Pinterest, I thought about weaving a basket too, but that just seemed like to much work. Should have…..yours came out beautifully! Fabulous creations!!! Oh and where are you?!?!

  4. So glad that you all had such a wonderful time creating beautiful cards! Wish we could have been there too! Love the beautiful Easter cards that everyone made! Great job! Have a Blessed day!

  5. this is adorable, Nancy

  6. I love all the craftiness you shared with friends this week. Those are some cute Easter baskets too! Love the marbleized eggs too.

  7. You go girl! Those look amazing how fun to get together with 9 stampers!!

  8. Well, straight away I’m adding oxen gall bladder to my shopping list. I don’t know what it is, but I know that I need it to create beauties like these! Thanks so much for having me at Just Us Girls this month. I had a lot of fun!!

  9. Oh WOW how lovely to see what all your friends made as well as your stunning card Nancy. Thanks for sharing how you made your eggs. A really lovely result.

  10. Beautiful card, Nancy! Thanks for sharing the directions. Love the marbelized papers…….what a process! Love that beautiful basket too. I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Everyone looked like they were having fun.

  11. What a fun project. I love the technique you used and am envious that you have friends so close that love to craft.

    • Thank you Kathy….yes it’s nice having a stamp group to get together with from time to time. I appreciate you leaving a comment!

  12. I love those marbleized eggs, they are beautiful and so cool how you made that paper! That basket is awesome, too. Looks like you girls had some fun while creating.

  13. Love the technique, no idea what you said but cool LOL. Thank you so much for participating this week at the Mod Squad Challenge

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