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Photo Inspired…



Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.28.58 PMThese Saturdays sure come and go rather quickly which isn’t a good thing ya’ll, as that means that 3 word phrase is just around the corner.  I have already limited my television watching as I don’t want to see all the adds we are about to get pushed in our face as a constant reminder.  If you haven’t figured out what those 3 words are yet, well I am not going to type them all, but I will give you a hint…starts with Back.  Okay, let’s change the subject and talk about something Happy!  Over at Just Us Girls this week, it’s Inspiration Week and have we got a beautiful one for you.  Don’t you just wish you were sitting on that beautiful porch right now? Well I certainly do.  Instead, I am sitting inside the house as it is 90 degrees outside and it’s not even noon.  I am not enjoying this summer as much as I should be this year.  The heat is getting to be a little much for this old girl I guess.

Today’s card was quick and fun to put together.  I was inspired right away by that  awesome blue rug in the photo.  I am not a huge orange girl, but since it was so evident in the photo, I thought I would embrace it instead of fight it and it worked out just fine.  I think the card is pretty much easy to figure out.

Hope you come on over to JUGS and see what all the ladies have been up to, and who knows you may be chosen as a Guest Designer in the future if you play along.  Stay cool, Nanc’

9 thoughts on “Photo Inspired…

  1. Fun use of patterns and colors! Great inspired card

  2. Love your card and the colors you chose! 😉

  3. That is one great looking card. I love your take on the photo.

  4. Lovely card Nancy. I love the heart shaped balloons and the banners. Blue is my favorite color. Have a great weekend.

  5. Love this card and how the rug inspired you. So pretty with those hearts. Great finish with the tiny ones on the side.

  6. I love your use of the patterns and textures! Those heart balloons are fantastic, love how you tied them with string. Beautiful design.

  7. You are not old! I should know as I have a few years on you. Lots of the team were inspired by the colors as you did a beautiful card showing them off. Not only the colors, but textures too. Nice job.

  8. Love the four banners and the patterns and textures….very pretty! Great take on the photo challenge.

  9. Love all the patterns and textures you have going on this awesome card!

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