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Tall and Skinny and Blunders Along the Way!



Mojo417Hello Friends,  I snuck away sometime yesterday to get creative in my studio in honor of WCMD.  I had some hiccups along the way, but forged onto a finished product. ( In hind-sight I should have called it a day then.) My first problem was that I adhered my panels upside down on my card and the card was opening backwards. Now I know you have all done this a time or ten right?  Since my adhesive is tougher then mortar and I wanted to save my panels, I cut the card in half and decided to adhere it to another card base and forge ahead. My next epic fail was that the panels I cut off where now to large to adhere on another card base, hence why you don’t see the dark brown cardstock all the way around the entire panels and only on the edges of the card.  Those two problems solved, I continued on.  I was ¾ done and thought I was home free, I then dropped my inked coffee cup stamp directly on my card.  Not anywhere that was going to be covered up with the sentiment mind you, right in the only open blank space.  Yes, I made a loud groan at this point.  So in order to stay true to the Mojo Monday sketch, I had to rethink my circle sentiment base that I had already stamped and doubled and had ready to go, and come up with something quite larger to cover up my blunder.  All things considered, I managed to pull it together pretty well.  Hold on…….I am not done yet!  Last night I decided to check the deadline for the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop and see if I needed to make a post before we left for our dinner party or if I could do it today!  Yes, you know where I am headed don’t you?  The linky was closed!~  I had to laugh and say out loud to my computer, ” Of course it is! ”

I want you to know that I know in the real world these problems are not even remotely problems and after I wrote this entire post I thought, “Really Nanc’ this is what you have to complain about? People are going to think your perspective is a little off!”  Well, I hope you know that it’s not…I just thought you might enjoy a chuckle or three!

Card Details:  Verve Sip and Savor set ( retired) and Heart border Trio die.  Have a wonderful day!  Nanc’

13 thoughts on “Tall and Skinny and Blunders Along the Way!

  1. Wow, I think you were definitely getting signs that you weren’t destined to play in that challenge. lol Glad you posted it, though….love the card!

  2. I love This card, and your post made me laugh. You must of been watching what I was doing in my room. Simple card design, big dumbly fingers.

  3. Oh my….I have had days like that with card making. Way to press on!! Darling card.

  4. Love your card and glad you triumphed over the little blunders. I have had incidents like that myself. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great week.

  5. Super fun! Love the 2 toned cups and those colors together ROCK

  6. I love your card even if you had a few blunders. In fact, just today I glued my panels on upside down too, but managed to get them off before they were too tightly sealed. But I guess that is part of the creative process to figure out what to do when we blunder.

  7. Oh I hate when I miss a deadline. Love your card! Love the theme! Wink, wink! Last time I taped a card front upside down I left it that way, luckily it was all wine and grapes, a birthday card for a dear long-time friend, thought it added a bit more whimsy to have it open backwards—oh plus she’s a lush and might have not noticed LOL

  8. Despite the hiccups 🙂 – this is an ADORABLE card! Love it!!!

  9. Now Nancy if you hadn’t told us your ordeal we wouldn’t have seen anything wrong with your card. Love the colour choices you used and a great layout with the added bits hehe. Glad you shared it too as it really is just fabulous.
    PS Just had my morning coffee.

  10. I read the entire post and I didn’t think that you were complaining. I just thought you were extremely funny! I was laughing at myself with you on this one. And, you got a great card ! Love the Kraft and the red and teal combo. Some days, things just go,that way.

  11. Most of us have been there, done that, at least in part, Nancy. I think you did a great save. Too bad you missed the deadline but your followers still get to see this great card.

  12. What a cute card! Love everything with coffee!

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