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Clean and Simple @ STB



STB ToppingsHello Friends, Hope you are having a good week so far.  It’s Thursday and it’s time for a new challenge over at Seize the Birthday.  This time around our topping is Clean and Simple, which is something I plan to tackle more of this year.  I want to take some of the pressure off myself and stop thinking each card has to be better then the one previously posted.  Please tell me you put those types of pressures on yourself too?  I sure hope someone out there does this and I am not alone on this crazy thought process.  Anyhooze…..Today’s card was inspired by this card I found over on Pinterest.  I have linked it up for you HERE! It was done by the talented Kristina Werner. Everything she does is like jaw dropping gorgeous.

DSC_0478My card has quite a few flaws but it sure was fun to do.  The hardest part was finding all the small stamps from various stamp sets.  Then when I went to get started, I knew I wanted to do a heart, but didn’t have any heart dies. ( I think that needs to be rectified pronto!)  So I turned on my cameo and made myself a heart negative mask, which was super quick and worked perfectly.  The sentiment and sequins are from Verve.

I sure hope if you are stamping sometime over the next few weeks you will consider making a CAS card and join us at STB!

Take care,  Nanc’




12 thoughts on “Clean and Simple @ STB

  1. That is a gorgeous card and love how you used a heart design for the pattern. And CAS is what I do mostly and so I can tell you that even though it is clean and simple I am sure it took a lot of time to stamp each little image into that shape. A great look my friend!

  2. I totally agree with Verna. It must have taken quite awhile to get the stamps in place and co-ordinate the colors. It turned out great and something that I need to try. I don’t have my back up stash with me, so I am making cards for all of the birthdays and friendships that I need. More that I thought.

  3. Beautiful card Nancy. I love how you used the heart mask to make your pretty flowery wreath. I am sure it took a lot of time to stamp the individual flowers in different colors, but it was worth it. Love it.

  4. Ooo! thats pretty. Love the color combo x

  5. Super adorable! Inspires me to pull out my tapestry stamp sets.

  6. Beautiful card Nancy!!! I love how you created the heart. And yes, you’re not the only one because every time I made a card it had to be better than the last. I finally had to stop because it was just exhausting 🙂 ~Sophia

    • Thanks Sophia!! I’m so glad I’m not alone!!! I am trying to be better about that and just enjoy the creative therapy!! Hugs!

  7. This turned out perfectly, Nancy. I love that technique and haven’t tried it in a while. Thanks for inspiring me. I gave up on trying to outdo myself (or anyone else) a long time ago. Now I just go with what comes to mind immediately when I see a challenge. If nothing does, I skip it.

  8. CAS AND stunning! This is really gorgeous, may have to CASE it! 😉

  9. So pretty, Nancy … and so deliciously CAS … those sweet blooms are such a delight! Don’t see any ‘flaws’ at all … I agree with you that it’s so much more fun just to play than to try to make a perfect card (that coming from a died in the wool neat freak!!)! Hugs, Anita 🙂

  10. Lovely and wonderfully CAS card Nancy! Beautiful colors.

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