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Pink Makes Everything Better!


Hello friends,  To say this card changed direction a multitude of times would be an understatement. As I saw this photo challenge that Maria picked out for us, I thought what am I going to do?, I don’t have any Pineapples or Flamingos stamps or dies!  Here is how it went down! I decided to make a pineapple out of weaved papers. (Hubby’s idea) I got out some pink papers and went to work.  Then I looked at the finished work and thought, Why on earth am I weaving pink papers and not yellow?  Not sure where my brain was then, I clearly needed more coffee.  Back to the drawing board with my yellow papers.  Then once the papers were weaved, I decided to draw and cut out the previous mentioned pineapple.  Realizing when I was done it was far too large for my card stock, I decided to trim it, and trim it, and trim it some more… until there was nothing left to even resemble a pineapple.  That mess got trashed quickly and then I came up with  my second not so great idea.  Why not make a pineapple out of a stencil.  Well, a few pieces of card stock later, I had something I liked, but it needed a stem. So I took my Sun Ray stencil and tried to use the shortest rays to resemble a stem.  Imagine my surprise, when that looked hideous.  It looked just like a sun ray coming out of a pineapple. LOL  That got recycled in the trash rather quickly too.  I changed the direction of my card from Pineapples to Flamingos and decided it was time to cheat. I decided to make a few rows of black flamingos with just one Pink Flamingo on my computer.  I did a test print on regular copy paper and it looked great! Finally, I was getting some where and I had something to work with!  So I put it my card stock and hit print.  What, where is my PINK flamingo?  UGH! I am out of colored ink! I refused to give up at this point, and dismantled the card stock to see if I could salvage some to make it work. I did manage to retrieve one of the pineapple pieces you see in the background out of the trash  Then after all that, I used my brain and decided to use my Cameo to cut out my Pink Flamingo. Now, I am scratching my head at this point wondering why I didn’t start there to begin with…and you are probably too.  Let’s just blame the Hubster…for he is the one that started this entire weaving process to begin with! LOL  So that is my saga on how this card that you see above came to be.

Thanks for sticking with me in my crazy story.  I know this is not a big deal in the grand scheme of life, but I hope it made you chuckle just a bit.

The word Pink was made with my MFT die cut letters and the Leaf EF is SU.  The sentiment is computer generated.

Please come by Just Us Girls and join us!  The team clearly had greater success than I with the photo, as their cards and Darnell’s (our guest) card are truly amazing. Darnell, You have been a joy to have with us this month!  HUGS, Nanc’



16 thoughts on “Pink Makes Everything Better!

  1. Ha ha! Seems like you went around the world looking for a flamingo that was under your hat! But glad that the card came out so well in the end! 🙂

  2. You may call it cheating, I call it being creative. I had a good laugh with your story and I love the images on the card and the pink flamingo

  3. Oh good heavens, what a card making debacle, Nancy! Sadly, that sounds like most of my card making experiences! I throw so many hideous failures in the trash. Well after that your card came out perfectly, and lucky you to have a Cameo! I would have started with that, lol!

  4. Love your card and enjoyed reading your saga on how it came to fruition. Sorry you had such a time with it but glad it turned out so well. Have a great weekend my friend.

  5. LOL – you definitely struggled to make this fun card! Great story, great end result card 🙂

  6. Looks great. Fantastic card design.

  7. Love your card and the flamingo theme. What I love about this story is your positive spirit!! Life is short so enjoy the times we have to create. Thanks for a great Saturday morning lift!

  8. You had me laughing so hard with the story behind the card!! But, you end result is fabulous! Loving those flamingos and the subtle leaf embossed background.

  9. Don’t we all have times like that and I have one coming up! Worked out perfectly in the end for you Nancy and the trash (rubbish) bin got a workout too LOL

  10. Oh my goodness, Nancy, what a trial. If it had been me, and it’ wasn’t a design team assignment I would have said “to heck with it”. But you stuck with it and the final card is terrific. I love the line of black flamingos with the one pink one showing off in front. What we go through when we don’t have the requisite stamps.

  11. Oh, good heaven’s, Nanc’, I wasn’t chuckling, I was howling! Clearly you need to thank the Hubster for his genius ideas and then completely ignore them, lol! We all have days when we try to make cards that just don’t want to be made. Period. I think they are challenges that make us appreciate all those more common days (thank goodness) when things fall together smoothly for us! The important thing is that you didn’t give up and the end result is a fabulous card for the photo inspiration! High fives!!! And thank you for your lovely compliment! It has been such fun playing with you ladies!! Hugs, Darnell

  12. awe, sounds like you went through alot ! But this card turned out fantastic!! Nicely done!

  13. Pink does make everything better! Wow, I have done this so many times, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who tries, trashes and then gets something back out of the trash to reuse! Thanks for sharing this – it made me smile and feel better about all the times I have episodes like yours this week! Love the final product! It’s AWESOME!!!

  14. Ha ha ha, what a great story. I think most of us could spin similar yarns, but you had the guts to tell it. I love what you came up with…..wish I could have seen the weaving though. And yes, why didn’t you just use your Silhouette? Just joshin’ with ya, I love how you came by this round-about card.

  15. Wow, I was worn out by the time I got to the end of that story. lol I’m afraid I would have given up. Your card turned out great and I love the pink flamingo.

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