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Sending Hugs!



Hello friends, I’m writing this post on my phone which is not something I’m use to at all!  I have no power at home still…thanks to Hurricane Irma, but happy to see that I must have suspected this as my post was started with my photo already uploaded!

Please come by Just Us Girls and check out the rest of the cards from my awesome team and join us!

Hugs and thanks for all the love and well wishes… this too will pass and I’ll hopefully be back up and running soon!  Nanc’

19 thoughts on “Sending Hugs!

  1. I am happy your safe and I hope your power is restored very soon. That has to be quite a challenge. Your card is lovely!. I love the pretty fall colorings.

  2. Great Autumn card design and I always love the colors of leaves in the Fall.

  3. I’m glad you got a chance to write up the post for your lovely autumn card, Nancy. I just heard from my brother who lives in St. Pete and they finally have power after a week. They were on vacation in CA when Irma hit so they will have some clean up when they arrive home tonight.

  4. Oh I adore your leaves of fall colors, this is a fantastic card and I want to CAS it!! Hmmm, wonder if I have some look alike leaves? Still thinking about all of you that were in Irma’s path, thankful it wasn’t as devastating as the news led us to believe it would/could have been! anyway, without power for a few more days is nothing compared to those who have nothing to go “home” to…grateful you all are okay and can make a post off your phone! Heart Hugs, col

  5. I’m so glad that you are safe after Irma wreaked havoc on your area! I love your card with those beautiful falling leaves. Well done, my friend!

  6. Glad to see you’re safe ! Hope for you everything will come back to normal very soon ! A gorgeous Fall card with the beautiful colours and leaves that we all are going to see pretty soon ! Thanks for sharing.

  7. A lovely fall card with pretty colored leaves. Glad you got to post it.
    I am glad you are O.K. and hope your power is restored soon. Sending big ((HUGS))

  8. Yikes, still no power? I do hope the day is today! Such a pretty card, love the leaves in autumnal shades.

  9. Lovely cas card Nancy. I too am so happy to see you are safe and sound. Hope life gets back to normal soon for you. It’s not a nice feeling going through something like that and you never forget the experience.

  10. What a great way to use those colors. I love what you have done with that background, and the die cut greeting is fabulous – I’m such a fan of inlay. Happy you have your power back, NOT happy your AC broke. Geesh……what next???? Hugs~

  11. What a great background of fall leaves. Awesome job with the colors.

  12. Pretty fall card with all of those colorful leaves. It won’t be long until it looks like that around here. My favorite time of the year. Hugs, my friend!

  13. SO HAPPY! to hear from you Nancy and to know you are back to having power AND AC!! : )

    Beautiful fallsy card friend!


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