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Alcohol Inks!


Hello,  Hope you are having a great day! Have you jumped on the Alcohol Ink band wagon yet?  You probably have, as I am usually pulling up the rear when it comes to Crafty trends. LOL. Bobby over at Just Us Girls picked that as our Trend this week, and boy oh boy am I enjoying them. I started out with a three pack and realized right away that that wasn’t going to be enough.  I ran out the very next day and bought more. I made a total of 7 cards that day, but am only sharing two.

Here is the other one!  My only regret, is I decided at the last minute to put some alcohol ink on the above butterfly, as I felt it was to plain but immediately following my first droplet I remembered that the butterfly is made out of regular Card Stock and not glossy Card Stock. Rats!!! Well I think that is what I said. LOL After the first drop, I had no choice but continue the rest of the butterfly. I should have just cut out another butterfly and tried again but I will know better next time! 

Please come over to Just Us Girls and check out what the team and our Guest Hannelie have done. If you haven’t tried them you really must, or you can make your own  using a nib of a sharpie, and Bobby has so kindly linked those instructions up for us over at JUGS.  Take care, Nanc’

9 thoughts on “Alcohol Inks!

  1. I have alcohol inks but have not tried this technique. Maybe I should, as these are very intriguing. I love the depth that they bring to your cards. I do like the splotches on the pink butterfly. I didn’t even notice that it was cardstock. Looks great.

  2. Beautiful cards Nancy. I too have some alcohol inks but have never tried them. I need to get them out and play with them. Thanks for the inspiration and have a great weekend.

  3. Beautiful choice of color mix — your background is so pretty with that bfly!

  4. I LOVE your background…the colors are so vibrant and beautiful and they blend so well together! Fabulous card, Nancy! Heart Hugs, Col

  5. Beautiful cards and love the backgrounds.

  6. I am so glad I enabled you, Nancy, because those AI panels are so gorgeous. I’m glad you had fun playing and the mix of colors is out of this world.

  7. Love the amazing result you got on your first card Nancy – stunning. Also the butterfly is just perfectly unique. Glad you stayed with it.
    OH WOW! your second card is out of this world. I know Judy will flip when she sees it like I did. Going to try and get that deep rich colour. I’m now addicted to those wee bottles of magic thanks to our Bobby!

  8. I am trying so hard not to take on another crafty technique as I am running out of space and funds, but you are making it so hard!!! Love your alcohol ink backgrounds!

  9. Beautiful! Love the rich colors on those backgrounds and I really do like the effect on the first butterfly, even though it wasn’t what you planned.

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