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Great Ideas…


I couldn’t agree more with my sentiment on today’s card.  However, I did manage to give up my 1 Coke a day habit in May, but I don’t dare even try to give up my coffee kick.  I think no Coke may be one of the reasons I’m down 14 pounds since the beginning of summer. Just so you know, I am rather slender person and really didn’t need to drop that much. You didn’t stop by here to listen to my quick diet secrets, you are here to check out this weeks card for Just Us Girls.  This card was made with a little bit of everything….mostly Verve, some fun DP, and some MFT.  This card was so fun to throw together, and it was a great distraction from life too!

This is our last week with our fabulous guest Ros Crawford over at JUGS.  Ros, we have really enjoyed all your terrific cards and sure hope you will join us again when you have the time.

Time for more coffee before the day begins,  Nanc’

8 thoughts on “Great Ideas…

  1. I love your card. Great theme and layers.

  2. Love that you were inspired to make a coffee card! 🙂

  3. Super cute card! Love the coffee theme and your fun colors.

  4. What a great composition! I love the mix of patterns and the way you did the sentiment. The little banners with the buttons are the perfect addition to this. Fabulous design!

  5. What a cute card. Love your design and the papers/patterns you used.

  6. I adore your coffee theme card of many colors. Maybe you should have something to eat with your coffee and then you will gain some of the bounds that you lost. ❤

  7. Wonderful card and a superb sentiment!! It’s been a pleasure guesting with you this month… Thank you!

  8. Crushing all over this eye-catching combination of patterns, colours and elements! Those ampersands….swoon! You’ve translated the photo beautifully!

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