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Cozy Challenge!


Nearly a month ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with two card makers and blogging friends for a quick getaway to MFT.  While we were at our hotel in Mount Dora, I went down to the lobby to retrieve some coffee for us. When I returned, Michele Ferguson from (I Card Everyone) noticed that each cozy around the coffee cup was different.  She challenged us to make a card with our cozy.  I traded with Bobby from (Bits and Pieces) and boy was mine a challenge.  When I nearly tossed in the towel, and I am late for the deadline I might add, I decided to in list the help of Pinterest. YEAH!!! This is NOT my original design! I did draw everything free hand and ran my basketball through my EF to make the BB have dimples. The sentiment is from Verve!  The other ladies did a much better job then I did.  I have linked them up for you above. Here is a picture of my cozy, before I cut it.

Here is a picture from our time together. I just love meeting fellow crafters that I talk to on-line.  There is never a lull in conversation, that is for sure.  Michele and Bobby are just as sweet and thoughtful as I imagined they would be, and I can’t thank them enough for coming so far (Michigan) to meet up with me. Who knows who I will be meeting next! I have quite a few people on my bucket list! It may be you!!  Nanc’


5 thoughts on “Cozy Challenge!

  1. Wonderful birthday card and I love the design. Great use of the cozy!

  2. I adore this bouncing basketball card made from the cozy. Erynrefreshing designand so stinking cute. I liked yours the best.

  3. We traded? I thought we were going to but didn’t. Even so you came up with a perfect card using your cozy. The hand drawn bounce lines and the lines and dimples on the basketball are terrific.

  4. Love your basketball card.
    Wow, wish I could have gone to MFT with you. Sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time. ((Hugs))

  5. Amazing card!! and what a creative use of the cozy!!

    I love seeing this picture : ) I also had the pleasure of meeting Michele this year in Custer! There is nothing as fun as meeting crafting friends!! I hope I get to meet you soon Nancy! : )

    BIG (((Hugs)))

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