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Hello- Photo Inspiration


Hi,  Hope you are having a great day! Today over at Just Us Girls we have a Photo inspiration starting for you!  I kinda went my own way with this photo inspiration…so let me explain.  I was contemplating this card most of the week, as I don’t own a cocktail stamp that isn’t more than a 1/2 inch tall and I didn’t feel like making a shaker card with my MFT cocktail dies.  I realized, my eyes kept being drawn to that beautiful deep blue sky and those white puffy clouds, so that is how my card came to be.  The feathers represent, all my worries drifting away if I in fact was sitting on a tropical island sipping on a cocktail such as these.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it! Seriously!!

Of course, as I am writing this post I just realized that I could have used my lemonade stamps!  (insert-hand palm to the head) 😦

The card was made with Oxide Inks, white embossing powder, PI-feather stamp, scalloped border, and greeting.

Please come by Just Us Girls and join us!  Nanc’



8 thoughts on “Hello- Photo Inspiration

  1. So very beautiful and I love the floating feathers among the clouds.

  2. I so enjoyed reading about your inspiration for making this card. It makes perfect sense. The floating clouds and the casual feathers blowing across the front are awesome and so free. Love the feel.

  3. I love your interpretation! Those puffy clouds and delicate feathers are so pretty on that blue background. And I love the scalloped edge too! Great card Nancy!

  4. Great take on the photo – I love that, feathers represent worries and just floating away in that gorgeous sky! Love it!

  5. Your card is perfect and I love the representation of the meaning behind the feathers! This is brilliant!

  6. Love having a look at what everyone takes from a photo. Like your thinking with the feathers. Such a pretty card Nancy. Beautiful blue tones showing off those gorgeous feathers.

  7. Lovely detailed feathers.

  8. That’s what happens when we have too many stamps, Nancy. 😉 I love the way your mind’s eye took you to the beautiful blue and the lovely feathers.

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