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The Struggle was Real…


Hello,  Let me just say that the struggle was real for this photo challenge over at Just Us Girls.  I wanted to think outside the box and do something not using my cute MFT elephant. I wanted to make something more realistic like the photo. I found an old child’s stencil with an elephant on it and tried some various techniques. Well, let me just say that two other cards got filed in the circular file and one was completely finished but I still couldn’t share it with you.  It was really awful! Anyways, we all have those days, don’t we? The leaves are supposed to represent the yellow flowers in the photo. I should have added a bazillion.  Also, A big thanks to Emma our fabulous guest this month!

Please join us at JUGS this week and take some advice, go with your first instinct…it will save you some time. Nanc’

Card details: Most products are MFT-Cloud die, elephant, and leaves. Oxide inks for the background and colored pencil. The sentiment is Verve.

7 thoughts on “The Struggle was Real…

  1. Oh, yes, we’ve ALL been there and I thank you for making your frustration amusing, because this is all spose to be fun and we have to keep our sense of humor nomatterwhat! I think you ended up with a brilliant take on the inspiration photo and I applaud you for not going to your tried-and-true to accomplish it. And I’m glad you didn’t make a bazillion leaves because then we would have a Nanc’ with carpool tunnel, and that would be very bad!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Hahah! You are too funny but I love your effort. Hurry up, so I can have coffee with you this morning,

  3. Well, this one you have finally found acceptable is so darling. And, yes! Some days it doesn’t pay to bring out any card making goodies.

  4. You’re right, Nancy. I find if I try to force a card I’m never happy with it. I had to settle for the little elephant I had and I’m happy with him. You should be too because he’s a cutie sitting in the field of flowers.

  5. This is absolutely adorable! Your little elephant is so cute sitting in that field of flowers and I love how you made your clouds. This is a real winner!

  6. Cute for sure Nancy. Such a sweet card and lovely sentiment.

  7. I’m certain your other cards were worthy of posting! And this one is so adorable! I love it and love how you used the photo as inspiration! Sweet card!

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