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Happy New Year-Layer it!


Happy 2020!  Isn’t that unreal?  I trust if you are reading this post you have recovered from the Holiday Season!  It was a busy one for this household and I am ready to get back to a much-needed routine, so I can figure out what day of the week it is. LOL  I am also super excited as today we are launching our new look over at Seize the Birthday!  Thanks to our talented Design Team member Ashwini for making everything look amazing.  We thought it was time for our logo to reflect that we are a Birthday Challenge, hence adding the new balloons on the graphic. Not to mention the bright happy colors too.  Thanks once again Ashwini! I love it!

Remember over at Seize the Birthday you don’t have to use the topping any birthday card will do! 

I also would like to welcome our new Surprise Party Guest for the next two months.  I am sure she is someone most all of you will recognize as she is super talented. It’s Joyce Mehrberg from Cards by the Sea.

Now onto my card, This card has lots of layers and dimension. It all started with this card over on Pinterest, that I can’t link up as now I can’t find it. However, my intentions were good.  I added the fun black circles to some designer paper. The letter dies are from MFT.  The balloon is a punch. and the sentiment is from Verve. I added some terrible looking squiggly lines and lots of pop dots for dimension.

I don’t do resolutions anymore as they are so difficult for me except when I gave up Coke, for that one I was very successful.  A few years ago I decided to select a word for the New Year. The word I have chosen for 2020 is Acceptance.  I plan to use this in every aspect of my life.  Whether it be work, family, friendships etc…and of course card making. When it comes to my hobby,  I need to accept the fact that I may never have 1,000+ followers here or on Instagram, I may never have my very own stamp line LOL, or even have a card published or be able to make this hobby a monetarily full-time gig. Most of all, I won’t love every card I create. I need to be happy and content with just being me and proud of my accomplishments so far.  For example, the card above is not fabulous, so I am still posting it and just accepting it for what it is.  Wish me luck, as this is not going to be easy in all areas of life!!   If you were to have a word for the New Year, what would it be?  Happy creating,  Nanc’





11 thoughts on “Happy New Year-Layer it!

  1. Love the card and the way you staggered the letters Nancy. Of course I love the blue too. 🙂
    Happy New Year.

  2. Sweet card and resolution friend! : ) I hope we can all help you realize what a value you are to everyone in your life (including your “virtual friends” : )

    If I had a word to describe 2020 I think it would be “anticipation”. I am excited for some changes in the coming year and (trying to be excited! LOL) for some other changes in the coming year. I choose to anticipate with joy what the Lord has for me in 2020 – whatever it is!! : )

    Happy New Year my friend.

    BIG (((Hugs)))

  3. Nancy, I love your word. I just gifted some books to my granddaughters and a couple of good friends called 52 words and it is bible based. She is an artist, so she set it up to color each of the 52 words…you can use it as one word a week, or certainly take longer to ponder each word and how it fills you up. Lily has already started coloring hers. Your word really resonated with me, so I think I am going to join you with that word this year…lots of thing to accept since I can’t change them (or him or her *wink!) And just accept what it is I am called to do and to be this year! thank you for the word and encouragement! Heart Hugs and Happy New Year!

  4. As I think we all are – you are your own worst critic! I think this is a fun and happy card, and the doodles just enhance the main panel. Plus a balloon to tie into our new theme! Happy 2020!

  5. Your card and your word for this year are very thought provoking. The card that you made was one that I could not just skim over. It needed to be looked at to see. “How did she do that?” Fun and engaging. If I picked a word for this next year will take some time to think about. I have many reasons to be happy and inspired. So that I will look at each opportunity as another exciting adventure. After all, I never thought I would go to Egypt!

  6. Really agree with Lindsey – the card is definitely looking better than you think! You’ve even chosen the perfect pattern paper for it – to me, it gives a kinda marbled effect. I also loved the staggered letters and that single balloon, free and flying away!
    Good luck with your picked word – it feels pretty difficult to do, so I hope you succeed! I’m having a hard time picking something!!
    And thanks once again, for the mentions and the chance!

  7. Such a fun bg for the Celebrate

  8. This is a great design Nancy, love the blue and white bg and the offset sentiment, it really works well! I like your word too, I need to be calmer and more productive! See how that goes, Cathy x

  9. My first thought as I saw your card was “how creative”!!! And I can’t agree with your comment about the doodled lines as it was a great finishing touch which makes the design much more vivid!!! I think you need to accept that you are a great inspiration for other crafters like me :)!

  10. This card is so great Nancy! I love absolutely everything about it – card perfection. I agree with TaeEun – you are a great inspiration. I’ve had acceptance as my word in the past too… I don’t always pick a word but a ‘spur of the moment’ thought is determination. Determination to do things I have been putting off, determination to be more mindful and determination to look forward with a positive attitude. Happy 2020 my friend!

  11. Well, I think you’re being harsh on yourself there, Nancy. I love the card, it’s got a nautical feel for me, that crisp blue with all the white. And I love the dancing ‘celebrate’.
    I think my word would be more of a phrase – ‘Just get on with it!’ 🤣

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