Color my world with family, friends and some time to be creative making cards!

5 thoughts on “I Love Us!

  1. Wow! These cards are so well done and fantastic. I really love the combination of the heart with that pattern paper. It is so great when we take elements from different companies and are able to have them work together so well. You certainly proved that.

  2. Could these cards be for your woodworking husband? If not they should be. They are perfect for him and you. Great inspiration on this cards.

  3. Love these…what a great way to use that woodgrain paper….I always struggled with that great big pattern!!

  4. Great way to use the positive and negative to make two fabulous cards, Nancy.

  5. Hi Nancy! I love the woodgrain for your Valentines! They bring to mind carving initials in a tree and are perfect for him or her!

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