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Bye Bye Cancer


Hello, Today was a big day for my Hubby! It was his final day of treatment for Prostate Cancer. YAY! I guess I should say it was a big day for me too! It has been somewhat of a rocky road, as he (very unfortunately) was not the only thing the past 7 months that I had to focus on, but we got through it, and it’s time to BEGIN AGAIN! Now that hubby is allowed to ride a bike again, (restrictions from his treatment plan), those are the words (BEGIN AGAIN) he chose to put on the back of his bike. Hubby has been putting signs on his bike for the past 16 years or so. They always reflect what is going on in the world or how he is feeling about something.

Here is the inside of the card. I had a great time making this card for him and mixing stamp companies. I thought it was a fun theme with Halloween just days away too.

Card Details: Stamps- Monsters-My Next Stamp, Ghosts-Miss Ink Stamps, Sentiments were done on the computer and most were stamped with a speech bubble from SU. I used Copic and Prisma Colored Pencils as my medium. I stenciled the wallpaper for inside the house with Oxide inks.

I can’t take any credit for the front of the card…I saw this idea HERE! I had a happy accident though, I messed up the left-hand side of the door and had to cover it, so I made a door jam or molding. I think it worked out well.

I am going to share this card over at Cupcake Inspirations where they have a monster Halloween-themed photo that depicts my monsters perfectly!

Thanks for letting me share my news with you!

Take care of yourself and others as life is uncertain, Nanc’

21 thoughts on “Bye Bye Cancer

  1. Oh Nancy, this is so cute! And I love the conversation on the inside. Totally adorable! I’m so happy for you and Dave! What a long road it’s been, and now he can get on the road again and start biking. Happy trails to both of you!

  2. What wonderful news Nancy! Brilliant card, so cute and how fun is the inside! Love the idea of the signs on your hubby’s bike too, happy trails 🙂 Cathy x

  3. What a great congratulatory card for your husband and his story “Begin Again”. Your card is perfect, love the sentiments you created on the inside with your little scene. Would love you to share your card and story with us at Double Trouble and partnering with Cupcake Inspirations. You don’t need the washi tape, to earn a chance at our random draw. Please join us at Hope you join us for future fun challenges.

  4. I adore your card and sentiments…It’s a New Day, It’s a New Life, let’s begin again…LOVE IT and love you and Dave!! Congrats to you both!

  5. This was a fun card and you have been so supportive for him through these months of treatment. I’m sure he appreciates you very much

  6. This was a fun card and you have been so supportive for him through these months of treatment. I’m sure he appreciates you very much

  7. Such wonderful news about your husband, Nancy I’m so happy for both of you! And what an adorable card you made for him! The inside conversation in the best!

    • Thanks so much, Lisa! Life has been a bit bumpy in more ways than one and I am ready for some dullness… if that’s even a word! Lol

  8. Delightful card, and even more delightful news!!! It certainly has been a rough few months. Take some time to celebrate! You (and Dave) deserve it!

  9. Beautiful cards. Thanks

  10. Wow, great news. So happy for Dave and for you. Glad he can ride his bike again, I know he enjoys that and the signs also. Such a cute card. Thanks for sharing the good news. ((Hugs))

  11. So glad the DH is doing well!! Your card shouts it! Thanks for getting spooky with us at Cupcake Inspirations!

  12. I’m so glad Dave made it through and can ‘begin again’, Nancy. That’s one less thing for you to worry about. Your card is so imaginative, creative and down right amazing. Hugs to you both.

  13. What a wonderful card! I am sure it was much appreciated. ❤

  14. Congratulations on your husbands “begin again.” Such fabulous words to live by in a time like this. Your card is absolutely adorable. I am loving those cute monsters with those ghosts. Thank you for playing with us at Cupcake Inspiration Challenge!!

    Nora Noll
    Cupcake Inspiration Challenge
    DT Member

  15. Aww.. what a fantastic celebratory card. Congratulations to you and wishing a healthy years ahead to your husband! Love the speech bubbles and the fun conversation inside. Thank you for joining us at Cupcake Inspirations, hugs ~ Ishani.

  16. Just popping in to send hugs and love on the uplifting and fabulous news x.

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