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A Little Message to say-Hello


Hello– I am back today with my very first card using foiling…You can gasp, it’s okay! I just bought my Glimmer Hot Foil system from Spellbinders and today is the first chance I have had to use it. I have never been the type of person to jump on any type of trend until I am sure it’s going to stick around for a while, and from the looks of things, foiling isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Beginner’s Luck-After I peeled back the foil on my very first attempt and it came out so well, I was hooked immediately. I then proceeded to kick myself for waiting so long. My hubby would say…”Better Nate than Lever.” LOL, He is always Mr. funny/goofy guy!

The Geometric Flower Background looks fabulous in gold foil, don’t you think? There is also a layering stencil set for easy coloring, which was quickly added to my Christmas list this morning. The rest of this card was also made with Spellbinder’s products and I have them linked for you below. The Sealed Glimmer Sentiments are also new to me and are just fabulous and come with 11 fantastic sayings.

Affiliate Links Below:

Sealed Collection

Sealed Geometric Flowered Background

Sealed Glimmer Sentiments

Outlined Sentiments

Fluted Rectangles

Spellbinders 6

Glimmer Hot Foil System

Card Details: After I foiled the Geometric background I decided to cut it into four quadrants for added interest. Next, I cut out the rest of the dies (Linked above) with white and gold paper and foiled my greeting. I had not intended on putting the small Fluted Rectangle black die-cut as part of my layout, but I felt there was too much white, and the flowers and sentiment needed to be grounded. If you look closely I doubled the small flowers with gold paper and I like how that turned out. I have dimensionals on the round greeting for extra height and to hide the stems of my flowers. The Hello is from the Outlined Sentiments (one of my favorite sets) and is cut out of gold and black paper.

If you haven’t tried foiling I definitely think you should add it to your Christmas List. I have linked up all the fun products from Spellbinders that I used above.

In other news…My father has been under hospice care since the day after Thanksgiving. Losing my mom to cancer when I was 30 was hard enough, and we took care of her at home until the end, but this is ten times worse when there is severe dementia involved. It’s a huge rollercoaster of emotions as every day is different with a new battle in front of us. He could last another week, a month, or longer, we just don’t know. It is heart-wrenching to see him suffer any longer.

I am linking up with Darnell over at NBUS.

It may have taken me a week to make a card and write this post, but it’s good for me to get lost in something else, even if it’s just for a little while.

Take care, Nanc’

16 thoughts on “A Little Message to say-Hello

  1. Elegant, Classy, and Stunning!

  2. Fabulous card, and so glad you joined the crowd! My Glimmer Hot Foil machine was last year’s Christmas present, and I’ve had lots of fun with it. Keeping you and your dad in prayer!

  3. Beautiful and elegant. Love your design.
    You and your dad are in my prayers. ((hugs))

  4. This is just stunning, I’m so glad you jumped on the wagon. So sorry you are going through this awful time. My prayer is that you will find some peace. Hugs, dear friend!!

  5. Gorgeous card! I’d love the foiling system, but it is expensive. Sending kind thoughts to you about your father.

  6. You nailed the hot foiling, this is gorgeous! You and your dad continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Big hugs, Nancy.

  7. Welcome to the fold, Nancy. It took me a while to get a hot foil machine but I’m glad I did. You did a fantastic job with your first card. I love the elegant black, gold and white combination.

  8. Before I comment on your card I just wanted to say having lost my father to Altzheimers and now my mother is suffering from dementia I feel your pain such an awful illness for the sufferers but also for the family that no one can understand unless they have lived it first hand, I sincerely hope that you find the strength to deal with it and all it entails. As for your card, it really is fabulous I love the design and I love hot foiling you did an amazing job with your first attempt and look forward to seeing your future creations.


    • Marie, What a very kind message! I got chocked up while I was reading it. 🥲 It sounds like you have suffered times two. I can’t imagine doing this twice. Bless your heart! I pray you have the strength to endure it all again. You are right, unless you’ve lived it you don’t get it. I lost my mom 26 years ago to cancer at that was awful but this is worse. Thanks so much.

  9. Oh, wow, did you ever get A+++++ with your first outing into the Land of Glimmer and Gold! Your design really sells the process!! I’m still trying to hold off until I shovel out more of this schtuff I HAD to have and have still not used. 🫤 Thank you for inspiring everyone at NBUS!

    As for your dad, I can really feel your anguish, Nanc’, and I’m so sorry that you are living with this hellish situation. It’s so difficult and I hope he – and the family – don’t have to suffer much longer. Lots of love, Darnell

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