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Flowers and Fun with Family and Friends!

Hello,  Flowers is the topping we have starting today over at Seize the Birthday! The card I have for you above was one I had made a while ago and never got around to posting.

Card Details: Oxide Inks and stenciling, MFT- flowers and wonky rectangles, Vase is Gina K on puffy paper, Circle- SU, the fancy tag is probably Spellbinders, the sentiment is computer generated. Lots of pop dots for dimension.

Before I go I would like to quickly share where I have been the last week or so. Hubby and I took a trip to Chicago and we spent three days exploring the fabulous city.  Then Fellow STB-DT member and my Birthday sister Barb and her husband Tom picked us up at the train station. We then got to spend a few more days in Kenosha, Wisconsin at their lovely home. We had a great time and they were such gracious hosts.  We also took a drive up to Gina K’s store and lucky for us she was there.  It was nice to meet the person that helped start this crazy and wonderful hobby of mine.  If it wasn’t for Gina K and other stamping companies, I would never have met so many wonderful card makers, and for that, I will always be grateful.  Some photos from our trip:

View from our Hotel room.

Our room is at the top of that narrow peak.  If you are ever looking for a nice hotel in downtown Chicago…I recommend The River Hotel.

Fountain Park

Having lunch on the River.

Moonet! I love it!

Lunch with Dave’s cousins. Lynne on the far left works in downtown Chicago. Gary and Jean came up from Michigan.

Love the reflection of the city on the bean in Millennium Park.

Lunch with my cousin Peggy who works in downtown Chicago.

We loved hanging out down by the river. We walked 30 miles in less than three days.

Me in front of Calder sculpture in the middle of downtown.

Gina’s store is about 45 minutes from Barb’s house in Greendale Wisconsin.

Gina K, Barb, and the Jolly Green Giant.

Birthday sisters- Having lunch by the river in downtown Milwaukee.

Me, Dave, Barbara, and Tom. We decided we are all siblings from another mother. The guys are alike and we already knew we were so much alike.

Barbara and I in her Craft room the day we left!

Thanks for sticking with me on this post! Now it’s back to reality! I go back to work on Monday…boohooo!

Take care, Nanc




Sunshiny Day!


STB ToppingsHello my friends,  It’s time for a brand new challenge over at Seize the Birthday and the topping this time around is ” Sunshine.”  Of course what is sun without a little clouds thrown in?  I may have gotten a bit carried away with my clouds…LOL.  I thought it might be fun to change it up and use some DP instead the just plain old white or grey for my clouds.  I like how it came out.  I may have heated my embossing paste a tad to long as it started to bubble, as the picture shows.  I am also linking this card up over at The Paper Players where they have a fun Tic Tac Toe theme this week.  I chose to go diagonal which was …. Yellow, Die-Cut and Paperclip. I wanted a white paperclip but couldn’t seem to get my hands on one around the house, so settled for the traditional silver with a yellow ribbon.  The stencil in from My Favorite Things, the clouds are from Lawn Fawn, and the sentiment is from Verve.

Before I go, I need to mention 3 things! First, I want to welcome Patti from Stationary Styles to the Seize the Birthday team!  She was a Surprise Party Guest with us the past two months and I just couldn’t let her sweet and talented self go!  Welcome Patti and I am super glad you are with us!!!  Next, I need to welcome our NEW Surprise Party Guest- Mynn Kitchen from On a Stampage to our team, she will be with us for the next two months!  Mynn is super involved in the Stampin world and I am sure you are familiar with her beautiful work, if not you are in for a huge treat!!  Welcome Myn!!  Last, but certainly not least!  Hubby and I had the wonderful opportunity this past Sunday to meet up with a fellow STB and JUGS design Team member Sharyn and her hubby for breakfast!  We had a very nice time it was just way to short, as they were taking a family trip that day with their son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids to Orlando!  Here is a couple of pics, that some of you have already seen on Facebook, but I love to document important parts of my life here on my blog as well.



pp297Thanks for sticking with me through my long post!  Come on over to Seize the Birthday and join us, and while your there help us welcome Patti and Mynn!

 Take care, Nanc’


Maxwell Erik Grablin


I wanted to take some time today and make a Dedication post to a former 12 year old student of mine from my school that I had the privilege to have known for the last 3 1/2 years.  He lost his life to a terrible accidental injury at his home.  I attended his funeral yesterday and let me just say, I am so glad I did.  I was witness to the most beautiful celebration of life I have ever seen.  One little 12 year old boy made a huge impact on so many people and it was so evident on the size of the crowd.  He wasn’t just any little boy and the guest speakers captured this angelic little boys character so perfectly!  One of the songs that was sang was titled “Burrowed Angels” and it fit Max so perfectly!  Even his mother and father spoke,  I don’t know how they did it, and I was truly inspired by them.

This tragedy has really knocked me off my feet for the past week. It seems to have uncovered all the loss my family and I have had over the past 5 years.  If you are a new reader or follower.  Both of my sisters loss their oldest child not so long ago (a year apart) and when I heard about Max’s death, it seemed to just make that time in my life come rushing back to me.

I could write a book about yesterday and this wonderful young man,

but instead I will close by saying that I feel very privileged to have known you Max,

I am a better person because of you Max,

 and you will always be in my heart!

Love, Mrs. Leppek


Life got interrupted…

WARNING this is about LIFE …Not card/ project related and very long!

For those of you that read my blog and I am friends with on Facebook…I want to apologize to you

because you have had to endure this a time or two already.  However, I felt the need to share

my story with as many people as I could.  Spreading the word to please be more careful, cautious, and aware

of this very unsafe and not so trusting world of ours.  I am also hoping it will give me some closure.

Friday, Dec. 6th 2013  approximately 10:45 AM

My sister was coming to my house the other morning to let my dog out (due to the fact that she had acquired

a urinary tract infection and can’t hold it all day while I am at work.)  She lives one street over by the way so she is on foot.

When she gets close to my house she sees a black car backed into my driveway with the motor running.

As  she approaches the car the guy rolls down his dark tinted window.  She proceeds to ask him why he

is here, and he tells her that no one is home and that he just wanted to get some oranges from our fruit trees in the back yard.

 She tells him several times that someone is home now and that he needs to leave and shouldn’t be here.

 Later realizing, that the reason he kept repeating himself is that he was stalling.

 He finally starts to pull away as my sister proceeds to the side of my house.

 Next, she realizes that the back gate leading to my back yard is open.

 She proceeds through the gate and into my back yard and notices my window screen lying in the grass

and one of my windows is broken.  She races back around to the front of the house to see if she can see the car that

she just asked to leave moments before, in hopes to get a better look or possibly a tag.

 (You probably know where this is headed.)

Not knowing the danger that is lurking inside she goes into my house to check on my dog.

She gets to the middle of my dining room which is about 7 feet from my bedroom and

sees that Muffy seems to be unharmed and in her cage surrounded by glass directly beneath the broken window.

 She says to Muffy that she will be right back.  I couldn’t be more thankful at this instance that I no longer have

my land line phone and that she neglected to bring her phone with her that day.  What a blessing !!!

She leaves my house and proceeds to run home to get her phone to call 911, none the wiser that

moments before she was feet away from the second man hiding in my bedroom.

Moments later she returns to my house as she is talking to the police on her cell phone,

my neighbor directly across the street comes out to tell her that minutes after she left a man with a

very large and heavy pillowcase came racing across her front lawn.

( My hubby and I are still at work at this point.)

 After the police arrive and go inside the house to make sure it was clear, they

tell her how very lucky it was that she left the house as quickly as she did

because it could have ended very, very differently.  They said it was obvious

that my sister had startled him because he had left in haste leaving behind a crowbar on my bed.

My hubby and I arrive home moments later, and after speaking to the officers and

 several eye witnesses, we realize how very fortunate we really are.

I am so thankful my sister was unharmed!!!

All total we lost about $4500.00 worth of jewelry and electronics.  I have some pieces of jewelry that meant the

world to me.  My mom’s wedding band that I have worn everyday for 17 years, though regretfully

had decided to take off  Wednesday morning because I had a small rash on that finger.

A ruby and diamond necklace of hers that my father had given her that was one of a kind.

Last but certainly not least, this necklace that was a Christmas gift from my son just last year.


I think the title of this piece says it all.

As long as we have Love’s embrace…the rest really doesn’t matter!

Thanks for listening,


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Keeping really busy…

Just thought I would make a quick post to say that things will probably be a little quiet here in the blog world for the next few months.  This is my son’s senior year in High School and he is Sr. Drum Major of the Manatee High School Band and DH and I are CO-President of the Band Boosters.  With that title comes a lot of work!!!!!!!!  I will still be posting as often as I can, so my 2 followers Don’t Leave Me!!! (LOL)  So, do me a favor and in my down time, keep inspiring me because in the evenings when I come in late after either uniform fitting, a band meeting , or a Victory Football Game…I will still be following you!

Take care,

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Not stamping…

I wanted to make a post today to tell you why I haven’t been doing any stamping lately.  My DH, Tyler and I are re-doing the studio in our home and making it strictly my scraproom!!! I am soooo excited!!!  It’s not going to be an overnight transformation, cause I don’t have that kind of money, but as soon as it’s close to done I will post some photos!!  So far we have built an adorable valance to go over my window which I painted (wait till you see it), painted the walls and the base board, and installed nice white shelves on the walls.  I have cleaned out all the cabinets and re-organized.  Now it’s off to Ikea tomorrow to figure out what kind of work station to get and to pick up some gadgets and storage.

Gotta Love Summer!

Have a great day!

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Alfred Gordon Photography…

Alfred Gordon Photography is amazing!!   If you need to have your pictures taken for any event you definitely want to call him!  Tyler was selected to be the Manatee High School Spokes person for the 2010-2011 school year.  We did our first photo shoot about a month ago.  We spent the evening driving around Bradenton with Tyler’s wardrobe and things he likes to do crammed in the back of the car and took photos everywhere.  We had the most amazing time!!  I helped hold a reflector when I could, but mostly enjoyed watching two very talented photographers Al Gordon and Billy Dzwonkowski set up and orchestrate these amazing shots!

Please give them a call if you need any photos taken, you won’t be disappointed!!

The first one is my favorite, but love them all!!!

Isn’t he handsome??

Thanks as always for visiting me and have a great week!

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Relay for life

For the past two years the Manatee High School Ballroom club has participated in our local Relay For Life!  This year as a whole the team collected over $3864.00!!! The kids had an absolutley fabulous time and even got a chance to perform.  If your not familiar with Relay, check out this link! Our Relay started at 1pm on Saturday and ended at 7 am on Sunday morning.  Relay is much more than a walk around a track…  Relay is a time to celebrate those who have battled cancer, remember those who have lost their battle, and help inspire people to fight the battle that may be before them.  My hubby and I were inspired when we were there and hope to make it again next year.

Here are some pics I would love to share!!

Some of the kids from the Ballroom club…when it started to rain!

Our leaders Tess Chawi and her middle son Xander…. Tess’ oldest son Chris is a cancer survivor and she has started this crusade for him!

Remembering Brian Leppek, Wilbert Leppek and Shirley Kern

Lighting the Luminaries….Tyler and Chantal

Thanks for letting me share something so important,

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1,000 Hits on my Blog! Wooo Whoooo!!

1,000 Hits!!! Thanks to all that came by and checked out my blog!  And a special thanks to those that took the time to comment!  It took me awhile to get here,but it’s been an awesome learning experience and keeps me well entertained and maybe sometimes a little frustrated cause I can’t learn it fast enough! I hope to continue this little endeavor of mine and maybe someday my blog will be as popular as these ….

Check out some of these talented people and some of my favorite blogs!
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Thanks again!!

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Manatee High State Finals

The football season came to an end on Friday night when our amazing Hurricanes competed at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando in the 5A State Finals against Plant Highschool. What an amazing experience it was for our son and the Marching Band. The Hurricanes have nothing to hang their heads about! We were loosing 21-0 at the half and came back with an amazing rally and kept them from scoring again and just fell short of a victory by 1 touchdown. Final score 21-14 Plant! I was amazed at how many fans made the trip to Orlando.
Here are two pictures of Friday Night!
I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season,
Take care, Nancy