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A little post about Family…

Hey stampers and bloggers,

I have been away from blogging and creating for awhile, and felt it was time to take a moment and post some photos from my son’s senior prom.  I have a feeling that with graduation and such coming so quickly, that stamping and posting is going to be on the back burner for awhile, or at least few and far between.  Okay, I am rambling now!

Thanks for looking!


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It has been a couple weeks since we got this exciting news, but I thought is was time to take a moment and share it on my blog.  After many, many months of practicing and then auditioning at FSU’s College of Music we received word that Tyler was accepted! For those of you not familiar with this process.  Tyler worked on these very difficult pieces of music for almost a year and went before a panel of judges at FSU on February 12th.  We don’t know exactly how many saxaphonist tried out, but it is generally in the realm of around 60.   FSU is said to be the number one Music School for Music Education so you know the talent he was up against was very good.  It just goes to show that hard work and preserverence pays off.

His mom and dad are so proud of him!

Now it’s time to see about some football tickets!!



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Marching Band Season…

It’s Marching Band Season and no time for anything else!  But, It’s my Son’s Senior year and I don’t want to miss a thing!  Well, and there is the fact that DH and I are President of the Marching Band this year as well so we kinda have to be there!   Wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here’s some pics of  my son Tyler- Drum Major of MHS, until I have time to stamp!!!

I hope my two followers don’t leave me!!!!

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Keeping really busy…

Just thought I would make a quick post to say that things will probably be a little quiet here in the blog world for the next few months.  This is my son’s senior year in High School and he is Sr. Drum Major of the Manatee High School Band and DH and I are CO-President of the Band Boosters.  With that title comes a lot of work!!!!!!!!  I will still be posting as often as I can, so my 2 followers Don’t Leave Me!!! (LOL)  So, do me a favor and in my down time, keep inspiring me because in the evenings when I come in late after either uniform fitting, a band meeting , or a Victory Football Game…I will still be following you!

Take care,

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FSU Drum Major Camp

Even in the mist of so much sorrow I have to post something positive!  Last week while Tyler was at FSU Leadership camp he was selected to perform for what is called Pass and Review.  During the week the drum majors work on their routine and on Friday morning they post who qualified for pass and review based on their performance from the previous evening.  Anyways, Tyler and his Jr. drum major Morgan were chosen to compete for Pass and Review.  Dave and I arrived to FSU very early on Friday so that we would have the perfect seat to see the show.  Throughout the show the kids show the parents that attend all they have learned from that week.   The enthusiasm they show is amazing you know a good time was had by all!  At the end the four groups of Drum majors compete and they pick the overall winner.

Tyler and Morgan won Most Outstanding Drum Majors!! Dave and I went nuts!

Here are a few pics of them!    It’s also on YouTube!

Thanks for letting me boast!!

Tyler, Mr. Bruce ( Band teacher) and Morgan


More bad news……

I don’t like writing bad news on here, but my family and I need a little break!! Last year almost to the day I lost my nephew Ryan at age 25, now one year later almost to the day we lost my nephew Scott at age 31. Please keep my sisters in your thoughts, one is currently grieving for the first time and the other is reliving the nightmare of losing her son all over again. It’s been a very tough summer once again, for my imediate family and extended family!  My hubby and I were on our way out of town to spend some time together and had been gone for exactly 6 minutes when I recieved the call form my sister.  Needless to say we turned the car around and went back home to help her!  The ironic thing is, is that it happened last year days before my son went away to FSU and this time it happened while he was at FSU. When it came time to picking him up from camp and telling him the news once again, he took it really hard.  He said, “He doesn’t want his memories of FSU to be haunted by something so terrible and yet he feels so guilty that while he is away enjoying himself, we are having to deal with all of this on our own and he should be at home supporting us!  What an awesome kid I have.  Although, before we delivered the bad news that evening to Tyler something good had happened that day.  Tyler and his Jr. Drum Major won the award for the most Outstanding Drum Majors at camp that week and they got to perform on stage in front of everyone, including proud mom and dad, and the audience went wild!  I will post more about that later.

Now I am going to go and make posters for the funeral of photos of Scott and my son is making a DVD!

Thanks for listening!

6/24/1979- 7/13/2010

Love You ….Scott Charles Pugh!

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Not stamping…

I wanted to make a post today to tell you why I haven’t been doing any stamping lately.  My DH, Tyler and I are re-doing the studio in our home and making it strictly my scraproom!!! I am soooo excited!!!  It’s not going to be an overnight transformation, cause I don’t have that kind of money, but as soon as it’s close to done I will post some photos!!  So far we have built an adorable valance to go over my window which I painted (wait till you see it), painted the walls and the base board, and installed nice white shelves on the walls.  I have cleaned out all the cabinets and re-organized.  Now it’s off to Ikea tomorrow to figure out what kind of work station to get and to pick up some gadgets and storage.

Gotta Love Summer!

Have a great day!

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Alfred Gordon Photography…

Alfred Gordon Photography is amazing!!   If you need to have your pictures taken for any event you definitely want to call him!  Tyler was selected to be the Manatee High School Spokes person for the 2010-2011 school year.  We did our first photo shoot about a month ago.  We spent the evening driving around Bradenton with Tyler’s wardrobe and things he likes to do crammed in the back of the car and took photos everywhere.  We had the most amazing time!!  I helped hold a reflector when I could, but mostly enjoyed watching two very talented photographers Al Gordon and Billy Dzwonkowski set up and orchestrate these amazing shots!

Please give them a call if you need any photos taken, you won’t be disappointed!!

The first one is my favorite, but love them all!!!

Isn’t he handsome??

Thanks as always for visiting me and have a great week!

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Tyler’s Junior Prom 2010

Well as promised I want to share with you some pics of my son and his friends from last night’s prom!  He had an absolutely amazing time and is pleasantly exhausted!  He got home at 1:30 today because the one of the nicest parents agreed to have the kids stay the night, so we didn’t have to worry about them driving.  Tyler said the  mom fed them an unbelievable amount of food both last night when they got home and then this morning. He had one hours sleep and is sooooo happy with how it all turned out and can’t wait until next year!

Thanks for letting me share, but there is nothing sweeter than seeing your son so happy!!

Have a great week!

Aren’t they a great looking bunch of young adults???

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Relay for life

For the past two years the Manatee High School Ballroom club has participated in our local Relay For Life!  This year as a whole the team collected over $3864.00!!! The kids had an absolutley fabulous time and even got a chance to perform.  If your not familiar with Relay, check out this link! Our Relay started at 1pm on Saturday and ended at 7 am on Sunday morning.  Relay is much more than a walk around a track…  Relay is a time to celebrate those who have battled cancer, remember those who have lost their battle, and help inspire people to fight the battle that may be before them.  My hubby and I were inspired when we were there and hope to make it again next year.

Here are some pics I would love to share!!

Some of the kids from the Ballroom club…when it started to rain!

Our leaders Tess Chawi and her middle son Xander…. Tess’ oldest son Chris is a cancer survivor and she has started this crusade for him!

Remembering Brian Leppek, Wilbert Leppek and Shirley Kern

Lighting the Luminaries….Tyler and Chantal

Thanks for letting me share something so important,