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April Fools…Ugliest Card!

In honor of today being April Fool’s Day I thought I would play along with

a fabulous idea I stumbled upon this morning over at The card yard!

Suzanne thought it might be fun to post the Ugliest Card We Have Ever Made.


Now mind you, I had a hard time picking out the worst one,

because there were so many contenders, but this is the

one that came to mind first!


What was I thinking??? YUCK! PUKE green!

I will be back later today (since I have the day off) đŸ™‚ with something not so Hideous!

And if you want to see some other Ugly cards…I have linked up Suzanne’s blog HERE!

Or you may scroll down to something I posted last night that

is much more pleasing to the eye!

Until later,