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My Creative Space…Updated!

Hello Friends,

I thought it was time that I updated my Creative Space Page and show

exactly what my space looks like currently!  I knew that my supplies had

grown quite a bit, but now that I have the comparison photos to prove it

I think I have tripled my supplies at least. LOL

Good thing my DH is so supportive and that a lot of it is stashed away!

So the first photo the smaller one will be the THEN and the following will be the NOW!

These are my wood mounted stamps along with some

old Stampin Up stamps,  flowers, buttons and wooden embellishments.


The magnetic board on the right is so cool, that is where I display some of the cards I have received

from other stampers or some of my work as well.  The little red shelf I found in the garbage.

Yes, I am sometimes tempted to stop on the side of the road and pick up a treasure or two.

 I found that on a bike ride recently and carried it all the way home.  Spray paint does wonders!


My new chair is from IKEA…Love it!  It sits me up really high which was not easy

to find when your 6 feet tall.  Hubby also made my ribbon holder and the white elevated shelf to the right.

I am always looking for a way to get more work space and that really helped.

This area hasn’t changed much although I have acquired quite a bit of

embossing folders and die cuts since the above photo was taken and a new paper cutter.

Look how old the other one was. LOL

My studio use to be a kitchen so that is why you see a faucet in the photo. Your not seeing things…LOL

We kept the sink just incase we ever needed to change it back.

It’s just covered up with 2 pieces of wood.


Here is a better shot of how little I use to have! LOL

I am very lucky to have a very large window so that I can look outside and wave to

my hubby when he is in his shed.  We sometimes write notes back in forth to each other

and stick them in the window.


Here is a shot with the blinds closed so that there is no glare.

I also decorated the letters CREATE, made the Valentine shadow box

and painted the valance my hubby made.


Here is a photo so you can kind of see the backyard.  The shed is directly to the right of the photo.


Here is my homemade light box!


Here is a photo of my floor that hubby put it.  The black cart is new too,

comes in handy holding many various things….I got it at Staples.

The accordion file folder is one of those simple things I could

never live without!  It holds all of my scrap papers by color.  I LOVE IT!


Thanks for letting me share my space with you!

If you have any questions at all just let me know!

Have a wonderful day and find time to create…it’s good for the soul!



Scrap,Stamp Room…

I finally decided if I don’t take photos of my Scrap room today I am never going to do it!  It’s not completley finished, but it’s really close.  We opted not to spend the extra money and do the harwood floors I wanted, so disregard the ugly linoleum!  Also, I have a few ideas for added touches I haven’t done yet or for that matter even found, but that’ the fun of decorating don’t you think????….. while in your travels to keep finding things to add to it! If you have any questions about where I got anything let me know, but most of the important details came from no other than IKEA! I still want one of those nice carts on wheels for my paper so that I can get rid of some of the containers at my feet, but that will have to wait for awhile! (Well maybe) wink, wink!!  The coolest thing I found at IKEA is the red magnetic board that I hang my cards on!!! I love it!! My son found it and he is a genius, it was also his idea to do one white and one black table to go with my valance that I painted! Love that son of mine!! 🙂 Oh, an the letters CREATE that I made… I am happy with too, but that wall isn’t quite finished yet!

Thanks to hubby and son for helping me so much!

I love My New Space!!