Color my world with family, friends and some time to be creative making cards!

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Keeping really busy…

Just thought I would make a quick post to say that things will probably be a little quiet here in the blog world for the next few months.  This is my son’s senior year in High School and he is Sr. Drum Major of the Manatee High School Band and DH and I are CO-President of the Band Boosters.  With that title comes a lot of work!!!!!!!!  I will still be posting as often as I can, so my 2 followers Don’t Leave Me!!! (LOL)  So, do me a favor and in my down time, keep inspiring me because in the evenings when I come in late after either uniform fitting, a band meeting , or a Victory Football Game…I will still be following you!

Take care,


Things may become quiet…

My card making days may be few and far between for the next few weeks as my family is in need. Yesterday afternoon my father fell off a ladder, or as he says “Was pushed by a humongous tree branch” and broke his arm and fractured his ribs.  He is 80 years old and is a very, very, lucky man!  Stubborn, but  lucky!!  Anyhoo, he will be having surgery on his arm early next week and will be needing a lot of extra care.  So if things become very idle around here you know why!!

Take time to care for the ones you love,

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Scrapbooking Again!

Long before I got introduced to stamping and card making I was a very avid “scrapbooker.”  It’s been quite a few months now since I actually picked up some photos (of my own) and I am trying to get my interest to blossom again! Put it this way I use to only be 1 year behind on my scrapbooking and now I am at least 5,  which to many people that sounds really good I know!  LOL

Since my blog name is Scrapper@heart, I thought it was time to try and do both cards and scrapbooking, cause lord knows I don’t want to give up stamping- it’s time to try to challenge myself to do both!  Wish me luck!

Thanks for visiting and if you have time, join my challenge and start working on those photos again!!

Here it is!!   A two page spread!



Our Daughter I Was going through all my recent pictures I loaded on the computer the past few days and thought this photo of our “Daughter” Muffy (or “Mussy” which seems to be her new name, thanks to my 2 year old great niece) came out really cute. The photo seems to catch her personality to a tee. She absolutely loves being outside, and on this particular day she got too close to the clay that my son was working with on the potter’s wheel. So here are two photos of “my children”.

Scrap Your Heart,


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Handsome Son

Just have to take a minute and brag about some pictures I picked up today from the Photographers!  I love Alfred Gordon Photography not only is he the best photographer I have ever seen he is and his wife are very sweet people, they have been so kind to my family and I.  Take a look at this handsome young man.  Hope you had an awesome day and I am off  to the studio to finish a SB page I have been working on for a challenge on Scrap TV.

Scrap your heART,