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Family Time

Below is a photo of the canvas my Hubby painted for Tyler’s room.  Isn’t it awesome!!!

On this gloomy and rainy Saturday I can’t stop thinking about my son and how much I miss having him around.  The 6 weeks he was home was soooooo fabulous, but last week my DH and I took him back to college and helped him get settled for his second year at FSU.  He had to report very early as he had to begin training as an RA.  Moving in was such a enjoyable time even though Tyler can be a slave driver.  LOL  He is a lot like me in that regard, as he had an agenda and a time frame that he wanted to adhere to and we did adhere to it!  LOL We had the best time laughing and just being together. His room looks fabulous!!!  We are the luckiest parents in the entire world!  He has such a positive attitude, kind heart, great sense of humor and soooooo smart!  He is so driven to succeed and succeed he will, we are certain of it!   The mom in me just worries cause he doesn’t know when to much is to much….and I am so afraid he will work himself to death.

Sorry this is not stamping and scrappin related, but sometimes a mom just has to brag!

Have a great day my friends and hopefully my next post will be something creative!

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It has been a couple weeks since we got this exciting news, but I thought is was time to take a moment and share it on my blog.  After many, many months of practicing and then auditioning at FSU’s College of Music we received word that Tyler was accepted! For those of you not familiar with this process.  Tyler worked on these very difficult pieces of music for almost a year and went before a panel of judges at FSU on February 12th.  We don’t know exactly how many saxaphonist tried out, but it is generally in the realm of around 60.   FSU is said to be the number one Music School for Music Education so you know the talent he was up against was very good.  It just goes to show that hard work and preserverence pays off.

His mom and dad are so proud of him!

Now it’s time to see about some football tickets!!



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FSU Drum Major Camp

Even in the mist of so much sorrow I have to post something positive!  Last week while Tyler was at FSU Leadership camp he was selected to perform for what is called Pass and Review.  During the week the drum majors work on their routine and on Friday morning they post who qualified for pass and review based on their performance from the previous evening.  Anyways, Tyler and his Jr. drum major Morgan were chosen to compete for Pass and Review.  Dave and I arrived to FSU very early on Friday so that we would have the perfect seat to see the show.  Throughout the show the kids show the parents that attend all they have learned from that week.   The enthusiasm they show is amazing you know a good time was had by all!  At the end the four groups of Drum majors compete and they pick the overall winner.

Tyler and Morgan won Most Outstanding Drum Majors!! Dave and I went nuts!

Here are a few pics of them!    It’s also on YouTube!

Thanks for letting me boast!!

Tyler, Mr. Bruce ( Band teacher) and Morgan

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FSU and thanks…

Just go back from a road trip to Tallahassee to drop my son off at Drum Major Leadership Camp.  It’s not our first time up there, but each and every time we make this trip I think what a beautiful campus.  I will show you a pic along with my post for today.  My son has hopes of being a student there next year!  Yikes!!  I can’t think about that now!  We are so close  and I don’t know what I will do without him!!  (insert biggest sad face you have ever seen here)!!!

Anyways here is my post for today and a pic of  the campus at FSU!

Have a wonderful week!!!


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