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Please say a prayer for this family…My hubby is in Tennessee visiting his best friend from college, after the recent loss of their youngest child due to a brain aneurysm.  Kelly was a Senior in High School! I can’t even imagine what they are going through the only thing I can hope for is that Dave is doing okay and is bringing those wonderful people so much needed strength, laughter and distraction at such a difficult time!

I hope the Butler Family know how much we care and love them!

Hugs to all of you,

Last night I got a message on FB before bed to pray for another 18 year old young girl that we know, that is in ICU due to a possible stroke.

Please God I am praying for Brianne and her lovely family, watch over them as I know you can and let her please be okay!


More bad news……

I don’t like writing bad news on here, but my family and I need a little break!! Last year almost to the day I lost my nephew Ryan at age 25, now one year later almost to the day we lost my nephew Scott at age 31. Please keep my sisters in your thoughts, one is currently grieving for the first time and the other is reliving the nightmare of losing her son all over again. It’s been a very tough summer once again, for my imediate family and extended family!  My hubby and I were on our way out of town to spend some time together and had been gone for exactly 6 minutes when I recieved the call form my sister.  Needless to say we turned the car around and went back home to help her!  The ironic thing is, is that it happened last year days before my son went away to FSU and this time it happened while he was at FSU. When it came time to picking him up from camp and telling him the news once again, he took it really hard.  He said, “He doesn’t want his memories of FSU to be haunted by something so terrible and yet he feels so guilty that while he is away enjoying himself, we are having to deal with all of this on our own and he should be at home supporting us!  What an awesome kid I have.  Although, before we delivered the bad news that evening to Tyler something good had happened that day.  Tyler and his Jr. Drum Major won the award for the most Outstanding Drum Majors at camp that week and they got to perform on stage in front of everyone, including proud mom and dad, and the audience went wild!  I will post more about that later.

Now I am going to go and make posters for the funeral of photos of Scott and my son is making a DVD!

Thanks for listening!

6/24/1979- 7/13/2010

Love You ….Scott Charles Pugh!