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Personal Post-Engagement /Happy 60th

Warning this is a LONG post but oh so very important for me to document and look back on in a few years and re-live these moments. Plus if you stick with me to the end of this post I will show you what I made with my Silhouette Cameo!  I was really happy with the results.

To quote my son as we were face timing one evening prior to the proposal,

” You only get to do this once, I need to get it right.”

On my hubby’s 60th Birthday 3-16-16 my son proposed to the woman of his dreams!  Hubby and I were not in Savannah the night of the actual proposal, we were out celebrating his birthday with our very good friends.  I was so very anxious that entire day and especially that evening, and I was checking my watch and my phone quite a bit, waiting for that text.  Let me take a moment and re-cap a bit incase you are wondering why Ty was in Savannah when he lives in Seattle.  Ty flew down to Savannah to spend St Patrick’s day with Sandra and their friends, as she is still at SCAD finishing her Masters Degree. He chose Savannah because they both adore the city and have had so many good times and memories while they were both there together.  So planning this surprise was quite the task as he was doing it from Seattle.

Here is the first photo Dave and I received about an hour or so afterwards. 


The proposal was preceded by wine and snacks in Forsyth Park one of the prettiest and well known places in Savannah. Hence the Publix bag that I would LOVE to nix from all of these photos! 😦  I guess a picnic basket didn’t fit in his suitcase.

By the way Ty’s photographer canceled on him thirty minutes prior, but she was nice enough to contact a replacement.  All Ty had to do is figure out who the heck he was and where he was so that he could capture this special moment. LOL

Here are the rest of the photos.  I know there is a lot, but what can I say, he is our only! 

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If you look very closely at these two photos you can tell that Ty is crying! So sweet!


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Below-One of All Time Favorite Photos!  

This is truly Sandra, she loves to laugh and it’s infectious!

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Below-LOVE this one too! 

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Below- Fantastic of Sandra…not the best of Ty! Sorry Ty!

If you look closely, the fountain is green for St. Patrick’s Day. 

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Ty and Sandra finished up that day with a romantic dinner later that evening.

Now fast forward to Friday night.  Dave and I cut out from work a few hours early to beat the traffic to meet up with this beautiful couple for the weekend in Savannah and to celebrate Dave’s 60th birthday and their big news.  Ty had reserved a Bed and Breakfast for us for two nights as a gift to his father. What a sweetheart!  Traffic had other plans and we didn’t make it to Savannah till nearly ten so we went out that evening for some celebratory drinks. The next morning we met up with Sandra, Ty, and a group of their friends at (Roasters) the Best coffee shop eva to give them their gifts.

Here is what I made with my cameo for the Future Bride and Future Groom.

I adore this next group of photos especially the ones where they realize what the shirts say.  Sandra’s ring is made with glitter HTV and Ty asked where his bling was. LOL

Now before I finish up this post, I want to add some text conversations that Ty and I had after we said our farewells at the airport, that I never want to forget. It was a tougher than usual goodbye as we all realize it’s going to be quite sometime before we see each other again. I want to also add that I know I am the luckiest mom alive because Ty and I have a very unique and special relationship, so keep that in mind when you read these messages and when I say I nearly cried the entire trip home.  I think exhaustion and having such an emotional weekend played a huge part.

I texted Tyler as we were driving home that afternoon that it was the first milestone in his life that I was not there for. He responded, “You were there and have been from the start.” More tears..he ALWAYS does this to me.  I swear he has a book in his back pocket that says text messages to make my mom cry. LOL  Then our next conversation went like this.  I said, ” It’s time for this mom to hand over the reins of being the most important woman in my son’s life. He answered, “That is not how your son was raised. Your son has double the hearts. One woman doesn’t trump the other. The new woman is teaching him everything his mother has done for him. I love you more now than I ever have.”  See, I told you I was the luckiest mom in the world.

Dave and I are so absolutely thrilled that Tyler is so happy and found the love of his life. We too love Sandra very much and can’t wait to have her as our Daughter in Law. 

I saw a quote the other day that reminded me so much of Ty and Sandra.

It said, “Every once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale.”

It sure did! 

Last but certainly not least, onto my Hubby’s 60th Birthday!


I can’t take credit for this card idea, I found it on Pinterest on a shirt.  However if you knew my hubby, you would know it fits him to a tee. 


Above is a picture of our very dear friends Jerry and Deanna who came out to celebrate with us!  We laughed all night! We love them both dearly!

Finally, here is a photo of Hubby and I having drinks before dinner.  I can’t believe you are 60 honey, you look amazing…oh to be that lucky!


If you stuck with me for this entire post…THANK YOU! It means the world to me!

Thanks for letting me share my excitement and tears with you all, I hope you have a wonderful day and a blessed Easter.   Nanc’

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