Color my world with family, friends and some time to be creative making cards!

About Me!

59301728566__8FCE9B38-8B85-41AE-942B-68F381DE300DI’m Nancy I live in sunny Bradenton, Florida.  I am a scrapbooker/stamper.  I have been making scrapbooks since I was very young, but started making cards around 2008 and love it even more! Having a finished product more quickly is very rewarding!   I have been married to my awesome hubby David since 1992 and have one wonderful son named Ty, who is married, 30, and a UX-Designer for Apple. Tyler and his wife Sandra (who also works for Apple) live in Santa Cruz, California. My hubby and I both retired from the school system and now are on a permanent summer vacation in the sunshine state.  Life is tough!  I own two Card Challenges; Color Hues and Seize the Birthday.  I am a Design Team member for Just Us Girls and I also do some affiliate work for Spellbinders. That all keeps me very busy but when I do have some extra time on my hands, I enjoy walking, riding my bike, and baking.

Hope you enjoy my site!


4 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Hi Nancy! I was at Gina K’s Reveal Party last night and noticed that your SCS info included Bradenton. I asked and you confirmed that my assumption was correct. You asked and I told you that I live on the Island. THEN DH needed my help, so I was away from the party for close to an hour. Gina’s parties are wild! I have a hard time keeping up with the rapid pace. Her stamps are nice. I have 5 of her sets, and am trying to decide if I will buy any of those shown last night. There are some incredible artists who showed the cards they had created with those new stamp sets.
    Anyway, I wanted to say Hi! I see you have Sparkle ‘N Sprinkle as one of your favorite sites. I own more of their stamps than any other company’s stamps.
    One more thing….. Your blog tells of your son who is the drum major of the HS marching band. My daughter Stacy (#3 kid of 5) was also drum major back in Indiana where we used to live. I loved it, and I bet you do too!
    I’d love to hear back from you.
    Mary Dinucci
    Holmes Beach

    • Mary, I am ever so glad that you sent me this comment. I saw your post on SCS and then I as well had to get of the computer. I am suffering from a recent car accident and being on the computer is kind of tough. Anyways, I am very glad you hoped over to my blog and got in touch with me. I was so thrilled to see that you live on the beach. I live in northwest off of 75th St.
      I just love Stamp TV and I find myself on that site more than I should be, instead I should be scrappin or stampin. LOL But I love looking at all those talented ladies as you mentioned, I am blown away by Theresa Momber!!!! I have never actually purchased anything from Sparkle and Sprinkle, but a friend of mine has done some designs for them and she knows the owner very well. I think it’s cool that your daughter was Drum Major back in Indiana! Why did you move to Florida and how long have you been here? Do you scrapbook at all or mostly just cards?? I do both but mostly cards as of late!
      Can’t wait to here from you again!


      • Well….. It’s a long dime from October 4, 2009 to today. I hope you are fully recovered from your car accident.
        I know that people give obviously phony reasons for lost homework, (the dog ate it, etc.), and probably for failing to answer mail/email/comments in a timely manner. Mine has the appearance of a made-up story, but – alas! – is true.
        I had bookmarked your blog when I found it, and just now rediscovered the bookmark – “Who is this, I wonder?”. No memory whatsoever! Reading my own words even didn’t click. As I read on. …then it began to come back to me. You see, days after I left the comment I fell HARD onto concrete pavers and whacked my head. I have had 3 ct-scans which show no damage, and will soon see a neurologist as my memory has been affected. We’ll see what the specialist has to say. It has been an interesting experience I hope never to repeat.
        My apologies for such a late reply to your warm response.
        We moved to FL in 2002. Why… We have 5 kids, 4 daughters and 1 son. Our son and his family live in Germany. In 1987 our oldest daughter moved to Tampa. By 2000 they all had moved down here. #1 granddaughter was born in 1998 and we traveled here to meet her. While here we decided this area was where we would retire. We rediscovered Anna Maria Island, found a house and bought it. Until we moved down, it was a seasonal rental.
        Since 1998 our family has grown. We now have 10 grandkids, 2 in Germany who visit most every year. Lots of trips to Tampa to be part of the lives of the 8.
        A friend in Indiana had introduced me to rubber stamping in 2002 just after my official retirement. I discovered PJ’s then web-based companies. the rest is history……..
        My! I am windy! Hoping you haven’t forgotten ME,,,
        Mary Dinucci
        AKA seamom

  2. Nancy,
    I sure miss cropping and hanging out with you. Tyler is getting more and more handsome each time I see him…how is that possible!?! Is Shannon still on his arranged marriage list? Love your cards. I am a couple years behind in Shannon’s scrapbooks because of card making! Hope to see you here or there before too long!

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