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Ballroom Dancing

My son Tyler has been taking Ballroom lessons from a wonderful friend of mine since 6th grade. This lady is absolutely amazing. Not only does she have three children and own her own Dance Studio, but she volunteers her time at teaching so many different kids at many various schools what she loves. She has taught my son so much over the last 6 years and has given him opportunities that have enriched his life and made him the person he is today!
He has improved so much that in his last performance they incorporated many difficult lifts in the routine. I am so proud of him and so grateful to her and her family. Her son is also Tyler’s best friend. She even takes the kids to Junior competitions in Orlando and Tampa.
Here is a photo of Tyler and his dance partner Chantel.

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Check out them shoes!

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I trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the rest of your weekend with your family and or friends. My anticipation of having Thanksgiving without my nephew for the first time since his passing this summer turned out better than expected. My sister is so much stronger than I could ever imagine and she inspires me each and every day. We had a really nice visit and had lots of really good conversation while she was here. I am thankful for her and the rest of my siblings. And of course very thankful for my hubby and my son! 🙂
Now here are the cards I got to make on Wednesday, since we had the day off from school and it was raining. It felt good to have time to be creative again.

Have a blessed rest of your weekend!


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Thanks for My Freedom!

Happy Veteran’s Day!  I had the honor of walking in our cities Veteran’s Day Parade this morning.  The only bummer part is that we had the day off and had to get up at the exact same time we do when we go to work, but that’s okay you get more out of your day that way.  The Marching Band did a really nice job, they played God Bless America the entire time and the crowd was small, but they really liked it.

I wish I had a card I could post for this amazing holiday, but since I don’t I’m going to send you here to see one that I think is totally awesome.

Enjoy the rest of your day and remember to be thankful for living in this amazing country!


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Can’t Imagine!

It’s been awhile since my last card, life just gets in the way!   LOL    This card was inspired by a great and thoughtful challenge over at Stamp TV.  I  thought it would be a nice idea to make a card for the mother of Sommer Thompson (the little girl that was killed in Jacksonville).  I can’t imagine what that family must be going through and I hope and pray they find the person responsible for this horrific crime!!   Sommer’s favorite color was purple.

If you want to join me please send your cards to:

The family of Sommer Thompson

c/o Deb Felts
General Delivery
Fleming Island, FL 32003