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Black, Green and White Challenge

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Black, Gr. and Wh.As you can see I am back to work, because I haven’t had any time to post on my blog! 😦 School starts Monday and it’s been a mad dash all week to get the school ready for the kids. I am excited because I have switched schools this year and have returned to elementary. It takes me all of 1 1/2 minutes to get to work now! LOL The hours are better too and I should be home by 3:45 or so every day or sooner. What’s been really nice is that I know so many people there because it’s where my son went to school. I will be working for 1st and 3rd grade and 8 different teachers. I know I will be really busy, but that age is so cute!!!!!
Enough of that on to my card! This is a challenge over at my favorite site Stamp TV. The stamp set I am using is so cool, the designer is Melanie Muenchinger. She is so very talented. Check it out!
Have a great week and wish me luck at my new job!
Scrap your heart,

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