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Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 3.16.17 PMHello my friends,  I need to think of a new way to start my posts, as you all must be getting quite bored with the same old same old.  I know I sure am.  Anyhoozal…..My friend and fellow DT member over at Just Us Girls picked out this incredibly beautiful photo for us this week.  Let me just say, WOW what a challenge it was! Still love ya Judy anyways!  I must admit I pondered this one for quite sometime and while doing so kept wishing that I only had a feather stamp amongst my stamp collection, and all my worries would have been over.  So I put my thinking cap back on and went with the butterflies and lots and lots of color.  In my opinion my card is a hot mess…and please don’t say it’s not…when it clearly is! LOL  I ended up stamping my butterflies in black and started coloring them with my Spectra Noir Pens.  Then I had this brilliant, I mean stupid idea to color the background in various colors like the picture. Finally, when I knew I could never recover, I just got out some of my sticker sentiments and flowers ( yes I said stickers) that I have had for ages and finished it off.  Phew…so glad this one is behind me!  KISSES JUDY!!!

Please come on over to Just Us Girls and see where the REAL talent is!  Nanc’

12 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Wow Nancy, this is a beauty!

  2. What a gorgeous card. I love all those colorful flowers and the sentiment swirling like that.

  3. Beautiful. Great job with that background. I love it. Love the sentiment too.

  4. Why are we always so critical of our work? I do it too often. Love your colourful take on that gorgeous photo ‘Friend’. So refreshing on a cold winter’s morning.

  5. Bold and wonderfully vibrant, Nancy … the sentiment’s lovely … what a delicious whimsical style! Hugs, Anita 🙂

  6. I think a lot of us were inspired by the butterflies. lol This is lovely. Your design and the colors make for a gorgeous card!

  7. Nancy, first I want to thank you for having me this month in August! It has been a joy and delight to play alongside you and your team, because you are all so talented and inspiring. YES! YOU are too! Your card is gorgeous, and I love that you used what you had on hand…a sticker? who cares, great job! Darnell would be proud of you for using something from the stash! Thank you again for having me play with you! Heart Hugs friend!! col

  8. But I like your card! It’s all colorful and butterfly-y! (And I may have those stickers also… *koff*)

  9. One person’s ‘hot mess’ is someone else’s designer paper, Nancy. Those butterflies made a wonderful background for the precious sentiment.

  10. I personally love that background with all of those pretty, colorful butterflies! I think the stickers look great one this and we really should be using up our stash!

  11. KISSES back, my friend. And you just made me laugh. Why do you think I picked this photo??? I wanted to challenge everyone. I love that you admitted you used stickers, because I thought you had fussy cut the text out and I thought,”What a brilliant idea!!” I’m still going to remember it… I think this is a cheery, cute card that someone would LOVE to have…..seriously!!!!

  12. Hey Nanc’ how about it you start out your posts saying

    “Look I’m an EDT! so pay attention something amazing is coming” : )

    Might get people’s attention : )

    LOVE this beautiful take on that beautiful inspiration photo!! I finally got to play along with JUGS (Just under the wire) who could resist with an inspiration this stunning : )

    Your card just makes me happy! Thank you for the inspiration – always!!


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