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Bleach Technique!


Hi Everyone!  Today over at Just Us Girls we have a Trend that is really fun and rather simple! It’s the bleaching technique.  I probably could have used a bit more bleach than I did but decided to play it safe before I ended up not liking it in the end. This leaf is one of those stamps that you have no idea where it came from but you love it just the same. I also made this card quite a while ago before I went on my new SU-Leaf rampage! LOL I am still not ready to put fall behind me yet!  That is just a funny statement, as I sit here in Florida in 85 degree temps. LOL The sentiment is heat embossed and from Verve! Come check out the amazing cards from my team and guest-Claire and join us! Nanc’


12 thoughts on “Bleach Technique!

  1. Your card is beautiful.

  2. You can never go wrong with a design using leaves. This one reminds me of the wreath builder that is so popular now. I love the addition of the dots on the corners too. Bleach is one item that I have, but usually, forget that I can use it. Too bad you miss out of the beautiful colors of fall in Florida.

  3. Gorgeous leaves – and your use of bleach is the ‘perfect’ amount! Such a pretty effect! Love this! I’m a tad envious of your Florida weather; we’re at -12C right now. Brrrr…..

  4. Beautiful leaves and I love the colors you got with the bleach! So pretty and that leaf stamp is truly amazing! Love your card!

  5. WOW Nancy just plain old fashioned WOW!! This card is so beautiful it puts all the color in fall that you miss there in FL. Enjoy your warm-but not too! warm weather : )

  6. Nancy, such a pretty Fall card. I’m not ready for Fall either, but it is in full force here. It was fun chatting with you today. Hugs Linda

  7. Beautiful card, the colours are so reminiscent of Autumn/Fall and I like the way you’ve rotated the leaves, very effective and pretty. Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking time to leave a comment, it was very kind and much appreciated x

  8. I love, love, LOVE the bleach technique, and you have used it beautifully here. I would usually just paint the bleach on colored card stock, but you have used it on the leaves you colored… stinkin’ CLEVER. Really like how you have used that pretty stamp, it’s a keeper. Great design too….hugs, my sweet friend! XO~

  9. Simply beautiful Nancy. Those coloured leaves are so life like. Love the layout.

  10. This is gorgeous! I love your design and your perfect bleaching on those leaves giving them so much depth. That is a great leaf stamp!

  11. I never tire of seeing beautiful Fall leaves. Nancy. I love the quilt look of your card and the bleach accents are just right.

  12. LOVE the subtle use of bleach. well done

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