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Galaxy or Night Sky


Today over at Just Us Girls we have a new challenge starting and the Trend Sue has chosen for us is to make a Galaxy Background or Night Sky.  What a fun idea! This was something I had not done a lot of, so I enjoyed pushing my creativity.  Thanks Sue!!

When putting this card together I had some complications along the way but I do believe they turned out to work in my favor. I love to do emboss resist and this is where my card began. The inspiration behind my card you can find HERE.  The only thing I wish I would have managed to have done differently is make the center of my moon mostly white.  That is a challenge for me, as I tend to be a heavy handed ink blender. As much as I love the Oxide Inks I am still struggling with them. The other thing that worked out well is, I couldn’t find my bottle of white paint so I decided to try Gesso for my stenciled stars.  It worked, as the stars became more muted and I think it looks awesome that way. Last, I had to tilt my panel as my sentiment didn’t stamp straight. LOL

The stamps are a miss match of this and that picked up at Local Stamping stores.

Hope you will consider trying your hand at a Night or Galaxy background as well and join us over at JUGS!  Nanc’

11 thoughts on “Galaxy or Night Sky

  1. That is gorgeous! A great night sky.

  2. I should try a night background. I never do them. I really like this one that you did and how some of the mistakes worked out better. Love that moon and how you fixed the sentiment. Great recovery!

  3. I think this card is perfect! I would never have guessed you had any challenges with it. Love that moon image too!

  4. I guess you could have masked the moon, Nancy, but I think it looks great the way it is, soft and dreamy.

  5. Nancy, your end result is gorgeous! I love the emboss resist moon and your gesso stars. It has such an artsy vibe to it, especially since you tilted the panel.

  6. Beautiful. Love that pretty background. The moon and stars look great and I like the tilted panel.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  7. Love your night sky and that windy looking moon is fabulous! Lovely sister sentiment.

  8. I think your moon is lovely, as is; wonderfully artsy! I’m sure your sister adores this card, as do I!

  9. I love this!!! Your coloring is spot on, great effect. And I thinking tilting the panel just makes this card!

  10. Love the colors of your sky! What a fun technique and one I want to try. Sue sure comes up with some tricky ones, doesn’t she? Loving you moon and stars….great card!

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